Postal News Roundup

In These Times: Union Members Seem to Want Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton. Will Labor Leadership Follow Them?
Sanders’ years of support for postal service expansion in the face of cuts brought glowing praise from American Postal Workers Union (APWU) President Mark Dimondstein after a meet-and-greet with the candidate in mid-July.

OIG: Election Mail Opportunities
The U.S. Postal Service has opportunities to increase voting by mail to grow mail volume and revenue,” the OIG found in a recent report, but USPS management disagreed with the recommendation.

Herald Media: Post Office Delivers 1,270 Ballots to Orem Day After Election
With the postal processing center now in Salt Lake City rather than Provo, all mail, even within the city, must go through Salt Lake before coming back to Orem.

Postal News Roundup

NBC News: Postal Service Sharply Reduces Loss in Most-Recent Quarter
The U.S. Postal Service on Monday reported a net loss of $586 million this spring, a big improvement for the cash-strapped agency compared to a nearly $2 billion loss during the same period last year.

NALC President’s Statement on USPS Quarterly Report
Results show the impressive Postal Service financial turnaround continuing in full force.

Linn's Stamp News: Quarterly USPS Financial Statement Shows Growth in Package Shipping
Every quarter a small drama plays out over the latest United States Postal Service financial numbers that come out of USPS headquarters at L’Enfant Plaza in Washington. Postal officials bemoan the size of the U.S. Postal Service’s growing deficit, but postal labor officials argue the actual numbers that matter aren’t that bad.

Postal News Roundup

Tucson Weekly: Raul Grijalva: Hey Postal Service Consolidation & Closure of Cherrybell Mail Center is Bad News, Don’t Do It
U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva wants the U.S. Postal Service to acknowledge that back-scaling operations (and ultimately closing) at the Cherrybell mail center has had a terrible effect on the Tucson community.

Yakima Herald:Postal Service Processing Leads to Late Ballot Updates in Yakima
Auditor Charles Ross said he was told the late delivery was the result of an error in how the Postal Service processes the mail.

Postal News Roundup

Napa Valley Register: Postal Service Agrees to Sell, Not Demolish, Downtown Building
The (USPS) has announced it will sell, rather than demolish, the historic Franklin Station Post Office in downtown Napa, but it won’t remain a post office.

The Inquisitr: Antitrust Chatter Continues to Dog Staples Office Depot Deal
Chatter about possible intervention on the part of the Federal Trade Commission in the proposed merger between Staples, Inc. and Office Depot, Inc. continues.

Postal News Roundup

The Journal News: U.S. Postal Service Thrives in the Internet Age
The Postal Service’s red ink stems not from the mail or the Internet, but from Washington politics, so degrading profitable postal networks is illogical. 

Washington Examiner: Moving Beyond the ‘Conventional Wisdom’ About the U.S. Postal Service
Some in Washington hope to use the artificial financial crisis to achieve something they’ve long sought – the dismantling, even privatization, of a popular public agency.

Postal News Roundup

Post & Parcel: Bill to End Ban on Shipping of Alcohol vs Postal Service is Back on the Agenda
The USPS Shipping Equity Act – which seeks to end the ban on U.S. Postal Service (USPS) shipping of alcoholic beverages – is back on the US Congressional agenda.

Morris Sun Tribune: Fredric Rolando: Washington Politics Have Cause “Crisis” in Postal Service
As mail processing centers are closed or consolidated, mail has to travel further to be sorted, and this means delays of the mail in parts of the country where mail service is critical to residents and businesses.

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Dems Seek Answers on Rural Postal Delivery
Two Democratic senators want a federal watchdog to examine whether there's a link between access to broadband and poor service from the U.S. Postal Service.

The Joplin Globe: Our View: Thank Blunt for Championing Rural Mail Service
Did you get your mail on time Monday? Soon the U.S. Postal Service is going to be asking that question, particularly on behalf of our readers who live in small towns and rural areas.

Superior Telegram: Mail Issues Linger in Northland
"Right now it’s in Congress’ hands," APWU member Kurt Waite said. "If they voted to restore service, they would have to return all processing of outgoing and incoming mail to Duluth."

Save the Post Office: Help Save Napa’s Historic Post Office from the Wrecking Ball 
The National Trust for Historic Preservation is once again taking on the Postal Service.