Postal News Roundup

Boston Globe: Postal Workers’ Ad Assails Faust for Ties to Staples
How do you get the attention of the president of Harvard University? A full-page attack ad in a student newspaper will probably do it. The American Postal Workers Union is taking out an advertisement in the Harvard Crimson later this week telling readers that president Drew Faust is “smearing Harvard’s good name” by sitting on the board of directors at Staples Inc. 

Postal News Roundup

Southeast Missourian: Mail-Processing Change Could Create Delays, Postal Employees Say
Customers in Southeast Missouri already have noticed slowdowns in mail delivery, APWU Local President Greg Davidson said, and with processing scheduled to go  away, he said, additional delays are likely.

Go Erie’s Mail Sorting Plant Set to Close April 18
A letter or bill you mail across town in Erie will soon take a longer trip to reach its destination.

Action News Now: Redding Mail Processing Center Still in Limbo
"The uncertainty is crazy, and it's also the uncertainty of the public's mail," said Larry DeNayer, treasurer for the APWU local in Redding, CA.

Postal News Roundup

North Coast News: Congressman Speaks Out Against Postal Service
Congressman Jared Huffman spoke out against the United States Postal Service and the plans to shut down Eureka’s processing center.

Washington Post: GOP Budget Plan Has a Surprise Among List of Cuts for Federal Employees
Among the policy retreads, there was a surprise in the House package. Republicans want to make the most popular employee investment fund in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) worthless. 

Postal News Roundup

Rep. Huffman to New Postmaster General: Don’t Close Petaluma and Eureka Mail Processing Centers
Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) sent a letter to the new Postmaster General reiterating his strong opposition to the USPS' plan to close both the North Bay Processing and Distribution Center in Petaluma and the Eureka Customer Service Mail Processing Center.

Northland News Center: USPS Officials Confirm Mail Delays Starting in April Due to Consolidation
Expect delays in your mail delivery, starting as soon as next week, as the United States Postal Service begins consolidating the Duluth mail processing facility.

Government Executive: House Approves Budget That Cuts Agency Spending and Employee Compensation
The House on Wednesday evening approved 228-199 a budget resolution that would phase out the FERS annuity supplement, limit the rate of return on the Thrift Savings Plan’s G fund, make changes to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program,and increase federal employees’ contributions to their pensions, effectively resulting in a pay cut of between 2 percent and 5 percent. The plan suggests eventually phasing out the defined benefit program entirely in favor of just a defined contribution system.

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: Future of the Postal Service: End the Monopoly or Grew New Business?
Postal experts and economists sparred at a panel discussion Wednesday over whether the cure to what ails the U.S. Postal Service is more competition or new streams of revenue.

Federal News Radio: Should the Postal Service Go Into Banking?
Consider this: Post offices sell money orders and conduct international transfers. Would it be such a big step to expand into the banking world via debit or prepaid cards?

Postal News Roundup

Common Dreams: How Privatization Degrades Our Daily Lives
The Project on Government Oversight found that in 33 of 35 cases the federal government spent more on private contractors than on public employees for the same services.

Washington Post: Federal Workers Could Pay More for Health Care, Get Less for Retirement Under GOP Plan
The federal budget proposed by House Republicans would reduce the amount of money that government employees earn through a popular retirement fund and potentially increase the amount they have to contribute to their health-care plan, according to newly released details. 

Postal News Roundup

Save the Post Office: Epic Fail for the Postal Service: Wrong Model and Wrong BOG
What if the problem with the Postal Service isn’t a failed business model at all?

Siskiyou Daily News: Local Fights Against Mail Facility Closure
American Postal Workers Union member Larry Nayer stood outside the Yreka Post Office on Friday, asking people to sign a petition that opposes the proposed closure of the mail processing center in Redding.

Postal News Roundup

WMUK: Kalamazoo Mail Plant to Close, Expect More Delays
“The postal service really is not doing as bad as they say, if it weren’t for that mandate," says Linda Sarratt, president of the Southwest Michigan local of the American Postal Workers Union.

Save the Post Office: Congresswoman Barbara Lee Proposes Moratorium on Sale of Historic Post Offices
Congresswoman Barbara Lee 
of California (13th District) has introduced legislation to halt the sale and consolidation of historic Postal Service facilities.