First-Class Mail Delays Take Effect Monday

Starting Monday, about half of first-class mail will arrive in three days, greatly reducing overnight mail delivery in the Lansing region, the Lansing State Journal has reported. John Greathouse, legislative director for the Central Michigan Area Local of the APWU told the newspaper, “The mail service that you currently receive is going to be downgraded and slowed down, in some cases dramatically slowed down. They’re getting away from what their primary mission is, which is to serve the American people.”

Postal News Roundup

How Obama Can Help Rescue the Postal Service Right Now - Fiscal Times
A revitalized Board of Governors could test the long-discussed option of Postal Service banking, providing an alternative for millions of families with little or no access to financial services, says David Dayen.

The Last Christmas for the Postal Service? It Doesn’t Have to Be - Huffington Post
We should take advantage of existing postal resources to generate revenue and capitalize on the extensive postal infrastructure across America with its trained and dedicated personnel. One obvious area that we should put into action is universal vote by mail, writes Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

Postal Service Will close 4 Processing Centers in 2015 - Wisconsin Public Radio
U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) said in an interview that postal officials haven't done a thorough job of studying the effect of closures, which might slow delivery times.

Thank Postal Workers by Fighting to Save Postal Service

The Nation: "Congress failed to take what the unions representing postal workers identify as the most necessary immediate step to aid the postal service: initiation of 'a one-year moratorium on a reduction in service standards and plant closings.' Congress also failed to reach an agreement on a stand-alone postal bill," writes John Nichols of the Nation magazine. "The fight is not done, however... For Americans who hope to appreciate the service next holiday season, however, now is the time to thank postal workers by fighting to save the Postal Service."

Postal News Roundup

Expect More Shipping Delays from USPS Next Year

Now we know the entire Postal system nationwide is about to slow down for nearly everyone who uses the US Mail because of a new service standard being put in place January 5.

Would You Invest in the U.S. Postal Service?

That may seem an absurd question, given that the USPS posted a third-quarter loss of $1.96 billion.Yet the notion that the USPS could be a commercially viable, even an attractive business, isn't as crazy as it might seem.

Postal News Roundup

How a Major Postal Overhaul Nearly Made its Way into the Cromnibus

Lawmakers attempted a last-minute maneuver to include a major overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service in the spending bill that averted a government shutdown, but several Senate Democrats objected and stymied the effort.

Congresswoman in Talks with USPS Over 911 Policy

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee has spoken with leaders “at the highest level” of the USPS about a policy that instructs employees to first call security when they witness a medical emergency—not 911.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service Gets High Marks from Public

The positive reviews came as no surprise to agency officials or workers. The Postal Service regularly comes out on top of surveys of trusted federal agencies. But favorable survey results also come at time when the agency is struggling to remain financially viable, and as postal workers and their advocates fight proposed cuts in service and mail processing centers.

Postal Service Workers and Rural Communities Fear Post Office Closures

Instead of shuttering the doors of small, rural post offices dotting the countryside, the postal service has reduced hours, cut delivery routes and built cluster boxes to save money. Jamison and other rural postal workers fear closures will come next.