Postal News Roundup

House Panel Requires USPS to Keep Saturday Mail Delivery - Government Executive
A key House committee has once again voted to block the U.S. Postal Service from eliminating Saturday delivery, attaching an amendment to a spending bill that would require the agency to deliver mail six days per week. 

Postal Reform Would Save USPS $236 Billion Direct Marketing News
Providing the bulk of those savings would be two of the most controversial measures in the bill introduced by California Republican Darrell Issa: eliminating Saturday delivery and wholesale reduction of direct-door delivery.

Postal News Roundup

Why Your Local Postal Workers Hate Staples - The Motley Fool
When Staples signed up for the Retail Partner Expansion Program last fall, it probably saw the move as a nice way to shore up customer traffic while making better use of store resources. Instead, it has provoked the wrath of the American Postal Workers' Union, prompting protests and a growing boycott that is also supported by several teachers' unions. 

Defensive House Republican Leaders Keep Pushing Postal Highway Plan

Defensive House Republican Leaders Keep Pushing Postal Highway Plan - National Journal
House GOP leaders continue to defend their controversial proposal to cut Saturday mail delivery – allegedly  to keep the Highway Trust Fund from going broke. But opponents have denounced the plan as a budget accounting trick because it depends on averting a hypothetical future USPS bailout – and counts that as real money now that can be used to replenish the highway fund for one year.

Honoring One of Our Own on Anniversary of Normandy Invasion

Retired Clerk Division Assistant Director Gerald (Andy) Anderson was among the 14 World War II Veterans who were awarded the Legion of Honor on Feb. 20, 2014, for their role liberating France from Nazi Germany. The National Order of the Legion of Honor was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 and is France’s highest distinction








Postal News Roundup

Postal Banking to the Rescue in Both Canada and the U.S. - CNW
A study of banks and payday lending companies in the United States and Canada shows a real need for a postal bank exists, especially in areas where post offices abound but few banks offer their services.

Bad Fuel Calculations Cost Postal Service Millions, Investigation Says - Washington Times
An OIG investigation had led the watchdog to think the USPS is paying contractors for more gas than they use. “This can create an environment for fraud, waste, and abuse,” the IG said. “The risk is that suppliers may use excess gallons for non-Postal Service operations, which is prohibited.” Using more up-to date calculations and putting the excess fuel to better use could save the Postal Service nearly $200 million over the next two years, investigators said. Postal Service officials disagreed with the IG’s concerns over waste.