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Union Arbitrates PVS
To HCR Conversion

(11/01/13) In a recent national-level hearing before Arbitrator Shyam Das, the APWU challenged the Postal Service’s decision to contract out the entire Postal Vehicle Service operations in Columbus OH.

Throughout the entire grievance process, the USPS asserted that management was entitled to implement “mode conversions” — a complete conversion of an installation from PVS to HCR — under Article 32.2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The APWU’s position has consistently been that mode conversions have a significant impact on the bargaining unit. As such, the USPS must adhere to Article 32.1.B when considering converting the Columbus PVS operations.

The hearing has closed and, as we go to press, the parties are reviewing the transcript and submitting post-hearing briefs.

Arbitrator Das upheld the union’s position.

The ruling gives locals a tool to fight for the creation of additional duty assignments by ensuring they are aware of subcontracting decisions.

In the Motor Vehicle Service Craft, notification to locals could result in challenges to the subcontracting of preventive maintenance inspections and repairs, and emergency and temporary subcontracting of Highway Contract Routes, as well as other work.

Updated list of 8,000 HCR Routes
For Possible Conversion to PVS Routes

(05/24/12) The USPS recently provided the APWU with a list of approximately 8,000 HCRs (Highway Contract Routes) for review.  Unfortunately, management did not mark or identify what was new versus what was sent in a list of 4,000 HCRs that was provided to the APWU in October 2011.  We have added the additional routes, and replaced others with more recent versions.

Click here for (members only) specific contracting information about each of the routes.

First Installment of 8000 HCR Routes
For Possible Conversion to PVS Routes

(10/18/11) Locals should examine the data below to find the HCR routes in their installations and contact the Motor Vehicle Division at APWU headquarters 60 days before the routes expire.

Click here for (members only) specific contracting information about each of the routes.

330 Motor Vehicle Jobs
Returned to APWU Bargaining Unit

(09/23/11) The Motor Vehicle Service Division of the APWU has received from the USPS a list of 330 new duty assignments that will be converted from Highway Contract Routes (HCR) to the Postal Vehicle Service (PVS).
[read more]

HCR Notice

This list [PDF - members only] shows the HCR (Highway Contract Route) solicitations the union was notified of since 1999.

Local managers often tell union representatives that the national union was notified of these solicitations, when, in fact, notification has not been given. Union representatives are invited to review the list to verify whether a solicitation was provided, and to file a grievance, if appropriate.

Union Demands:
Count HCR Drivers as Casuals

(09/01/10) As part of our long-standing battle to protect our jobs against subcontractors, MVS officers at the national level filed a Step 4 grievance on Sept. 1, 2009, asserting that Highway Contract Route (HCR) drivers must be counted as casuals. The grievance (Case #HQTV20097) has been appealed to arbitration. If HCR drivers are counted as casuals, the casual complement would exceed the number permitted under the terms of Collective Bargaining Agreement in most installations; such a ruling would strengthen the union’s effort to limit subcontracting. [read more]

HCR Subcontractor Safety Records

(03/25/10) A Web site of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that provides safety information on trucking companies may be a valuable tool for members of the MVS Craft.

The site lists information about accidents and tickets incurred by trucking companies — including Highway Contract Route subcontractors.

We believe MVS employees can use the high number of accidents and tickets incurred by any HCR subcontractor to show why it is not in the public interest for the Postal Service to continue to utilize their services.  The DOT site gives a wealth of information by U.S. DOT number and by company name, even if the searcher has only a few letters of the company name. 

Thanks to William Wright, MVS director for the Indianapolis Area Local, who brought the site to our attention.

USPS Refuses to Sever Ties
With Subcontractor That Defrauds
Drivers of Wages, Benefits

(02/22/10) Last month, newspapers reported a settlement between the Department of Labor and a USPS subcontractor that exemplifies the problem with postal subcontracting: After three years of defrauding its workers of pay and benefits, the contractor, MT Transportation & Logistics Services, Inc. was ordered to pay employees $1.8 million in back wages, and was barred from entering into new federal contracts for three years.  The Postal Service’s reaction? Despite the contractor’s illegal treatment of its workers, current contracts with the disgraced company will remain in effect, the USPS said. [read more]

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