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Elizabeth Powell, APWU Secretary-Treasurer

Elizabeth Powell APWU Secretary-Treasurer

APWU Credit Card

Credit cards are now part of the fabric of America. But sorting through credit card offers can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s why the union has endorsed a MasterCard exclusively for APWU members.

The APWU MasterCard offers union members special skip-payment options, low-rate balance transfer offers, no annual fee, competitive interest rates, and a unique member-advocacy program.

The APWU MasterCard is sponsored by Union Plus and was developed solely for union members by the AFL-CIO.

The charts below show how the APWU Union Plus MasterCard stacks up against some of the most popular credit cards in the marketplace today.

The APWU MasterCard Difference

Using the consumer strength of union members, the APWU card offers benefits that other leading credit cards can’t match.

APWU MasterCard

Other Leading Cards

Competitive Rates



Union Oversight Committee

Yes, monitors card program and contract to protect union members



Customer Service Calls Answered in USA


Yes, all calls answered by representatives in the USA — guaranteed by contract

May be outsourced



Financial Assistance for Cardholders


Yes, help for members with financial difficulties due to disaster, illness or disability

Not Available



Issuer-Funded Union Scholarship Fund



Supports the APWU scholarship program, which has helped more than 1,000 union family members with grants of $1.6 million over the last 10 years

Not Available



Raise Rates for Late Payments




Yes, as high as 28.49% - even for late payments on other bills!

Penalty for Paying Off Debt



Yes, some cards charge a $15 fee if inactive for 6 months

Union Member Advocate


Yes, full-time union member to help members with concerns

Not Available


Free Credit Counseling

Yes, to help members

Not available


The APWU MasterCard — and all of the other APWU benefits — work for working families.

Click here to apply online for an APWU MasterCard, or call call 1-800-522-4000 to apply by phone.

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