Step 4 Book

The Step 4 Book

This page contains a collection of grievance settlements, memorandums of understanding, court decisions, and statements of the parties' understanding of the issues involved in various national-level disputes. Many of these documents have resolved disputes over contract interpretation.

The documents are organized by subject matter according to the corresponding Article of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and can be downloaded and searched. Users should also refer to the JCIM (Joint Contract Interpretation Manual) for the parties most up-to-date agreements regarding contract interpretations.

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Article 3

  • APWU Delegation of Authority to Affiliated Local Unions
  • Arbitrators Right to Consider External Law
  • RCRs Performing APWU Bargaining Unit Work

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Article 6

  • No Lay-Off

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Article 7

  • Application of RI-399
  • Casual Assignments, Mixed, Dual Crafts
  • Conversions of PTF Due to Maximization
  • Convert Under 90-10 Provision
  • Cross Craft Assignments
  • Crossing Craft Lines- Block Award
  • Excessing of PTFs
  • Kelly Girls
  • Maximization- Full-Time Flexible Positions
  • PTF Conversions TE
  • Rural Carriers Performing APWU Bargaining Work
  • TE Agreements
  • TE Transitional Examinations Exams, 359-day Limitation
  • Transitional Employees
  • Use of Casuals
  • Violation of Staffing Ratio in Facility

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Article 8

  • 10 Minute Break for LSM Employees on Overtime
  • 12 Hour - 60 Hour Restrictions
  • Back Pay
  • Grievance Processing on Overtime
  • Interest on Back Pay
  • Interp of Art 8 Section 8B
  • Out of Schedule Pay
  • Overtime - Use of 204Bs
  • Overtime Beyond 10 Hours or 6 Days
  • Overtime Restrictions
  • Overtime Work of a 204-B
  • Overtime on Five Consecutive Days
  • Overtime
  • PTF Work Hour Guarantee
  • Paychecks
  • Penalty Overtime - FMLA
  • Penalty Pay
  • Requirement to present SF-8
  • Scheduling of Part-time Regulars (PTRs)
  • Sunday Premium (Other Premium)
  • Ten Four Work Week
  • Work Schedules and Overtime Limits

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Article 9

  • Annuity Protection Plan (APP)
  • COLA Roll-in (Applicable to Employees Covered by FERS)
  • Lump Sum Payment
  • Promotion Pay
  • Salary Schedules

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Article 10

  • Annual Leave Exchange Option
  • Day of Observance
  • Dependent Care
  • Donated Leave
  • FMLA Only
  • LWOP - FMLA, Exhausting Leave
  • LWOP For Full or Part-Time Officers
  • Leave Sharing
  • Leave for PTFs
  • Maternity Leave
  • Military Leave for Probationary Employees
  • Nixon Day of Mourning
  • Overtime and Holiday Leave Restrictions
  • Payment for Court Leave
  • Religious Accommodations

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Article 12

  • Automation Impact Statements-1
  • Automation Impact Statements-2
  • Automation Impact Statements
  • Baltimore Impact Statement Dispute and Settlement
  • Bid Limitation
  • Conversion of PTF Due to Maximization
  • Excessing (From a Craft) Retreat Rights
  • Full Time Flex
  • RIF Procedures
  • Retreat Rights
  • Seniority for Purposes of Excessing Retreat Rights
  • Seniority of Employees Assigned to Different Crafts Under
  • Transfers to FTR by FTR or PTF Thru APWU Reg Coordinator
  • Withheld Position Memo of Intent

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Article 13

  • Assignment of Rehab Employees 
  • Credit for Step Increase for Handicapped Employees
  • EEO - Damages
  • Light Duty MSPB
  • Light Duty Under Article 13
  • Light Duty for Rural Carriers
  • Medical Cerfication upon Return to Duty
  • OWCP Postal Inspection SVC, Investigative MEMOs
  • Payment for Physical Exams Required Under Article 13
  • Physically Handicapped Employees MOU
  • Step Placement for Employees Returning From Injury On

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Article 14

  • Safety Inspections - Right of Union to Use Outside Rep

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Article 15

  • Accelerated Arbirtation Letter
  • Compliance With Arbitration Awards, Etc.
  • Designation of Supervisor for the Filing of Grievances
  • EEO Procedure
  • Modified 15
  • Modified Article 15 Test Program
  • New Pay Steps
  • Processing of Grievances After Separation
  • Reconsideration of Arbitrators Awards
  • Right of Employees Testifying in Arbitration to Employment
  • SCABS - Right of Union to Charge for Grievance Processing
  • Statute of Limitations to Enforce Arbitration Awards
  • Stewards Right to be Represented in Personal Grievance
  • Superv. Insistence that EMP. Divulge info. of Grievance
  • Supervisors Insistence that Employee Divulge info of Grievance
  • TE Grievance Settlements
  • Travel Time
  • Unions Right in Scheduling of Arbitration
  • Unions Rights Under Grievances Filed by the Union

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Article 16

  • Discipline for Approved Leave MSPB
  • Discipline for Filing OWCP-Regulations, Etc.
  • Discipline of Less Than 5 Days
  • Discussions
  • Letters of Instructions to Replace Discussions
  • Maintenance of Disciplinary Records
  • Maintenance of Notes Relating to Discussions in Form 1017
  • Purge Letters of Warning and Sick Leave Restrictions
  • Removal of Cancelled Letters of Warning
  • Right of Union Representation Following Discussions
  • Stewards Rights in Investigatory Interviews
  • Time Limits on Proposed Removal
  • Union Access to Supervisory Records
  • Unions Right to Attendance Records of Supervisors
  • Witnesses - Right to Union Rep Inspector Interrogation
  • Zero Tolerance

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Article 17

  • Decision by Union to Deny Grievants Attorney Represent
  • Designation of Stewards
  • Employees Use of Representatives in FECA Claims
  • National Alliance Right to Representation
  • Redress
  • Representation by Private Counsel
  • Representation
  • Stewards Protective Activity
  • Stewards Release Time
  • Stewards Right to Review Individual Productivity Records
  • Stewards Right to Sign Form 3189 (Schedule Change)
  • Stewards Super Seniority
  • Stewards on the Clock Interview of Non-Postal Witness
  • Weingarten

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Article 19

  • ADRP (Administrative Dispute Resolution Procedure)
  • AIDS
  • APWU Policy on Surveys
  • Acceptable Footwear
  • Arrest Information
  • Article 19
  • Assignment of Postmaster Relief Employees
  • Assignment of Rehabilitated Employees
  • Badges, Buttons and T-Shirts
  • Clarification of Provisions of ELM M-9, F-10 Handbook
  • Compensation as a Representative in OWCP
  • Compensation for Testimony in Federal Court
  • Confidential Informants
  • Controversy of OWCP Claims
  • Drug Testing
  • Dual Civil Service Retirement Social
  • ELM Changes
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Coordinator Testifying
  • Employee Involvement (EI)
  • Employee Refusal to Take Shots
  • Entrapment
  • Executive Order Disabled Veterans
  • Fitness for Duty Drug Testing
  • Handbooks and Manuals
  • Handicapped employee Entitled to Higher Level Pay upon Completion of Training (19)
  • Handicapped employee Entitled to Higher Level upon Completion of Training
  • Information Requests (NLRB-ADRP)
  • Information Requests (NLRBADRP)
  • Interest on Back Pay
  • Language English Only
  • Local Commuting Distance
  • MSPB Payment for Witnesses
  • Medical Units Listing
  • OWCP - Termination of Pay
  • On the Fly Relief for MPLSM Operators
  • PMPC
  • Payment When Traveling Between Work Locations
  • Perjury
  • Picketing
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Post Contract Applications
  • Privacy Act
  • Quality Improvement Teams
  • RCRs Dual Appointments
  • Radio Headsets
  • Reassignment of Employees as Details with 180 Day Rule
  • Search of Vehicles on Nonpublic Postal Premises
  • Severance Pay
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Smoking Policy
  • Solicitation of Postal Employees at Work
  • Step Increase Deferrals
  • Temperture Control
  • Thrift Savings Plan Contributions When Serving on Military Leave
  • Thrift Savings Plan Contributions When an Employee Receives Back Pay
  • Unions Right Have Form 1187 Completed During Employee
  • Unions Right to Medical Documentation
  • Use of Personal Vehicles While on Duty
  • VRA Hiring
  • Voice of Employee
  • Y2K Priorities

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Article 21

  • Uniformed Services Employees

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Article 23

  • Union Official Entrance to Facility
  • Unions Right to Designate

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Article 25

  • Higher Level Pay (TEs)
  • Long Term Higher Level Assignments
  • On-the-job Training Instructors - Pay

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Article 28

  • Fixed Credit Shortages
  • Inspection Service Notice of Debt Collection
  • Letters of Demand
  • Medical Services
  • Right to Collect on Shortages Under Article 28
  • Uniform Allowance Program (Footwear for Window Clerks)
  • Withholding of Salary Checks

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Article 30

  • Management Restructuring
  • Memorandum of Understanding - Items Declared Inconsistent
  • Postmasters Administrative Authority

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Article 33

  • Written Examinations Not Controlled in Determining Qualifications

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Article 37

  • Bidding on Assignments with Proper Qualification Exam
  • Bids- Completion of Form 1717
  • Clerks Passing Strength and Stamina Testing
  • Combination Jobs
  • Conversion of Senior Machine Qualified PTF
  • EEO Settlements Must Comply with Contract
  • Effective Date Promotion for Employees Completing Course
  • Lock-in Period for MPLSM and Single Position Assignments
  • OIC Detail Applies to 4 Month Regulations
  • Post Office Advancements PMR
  • Posting of Best Qualified Positions
  • Posting of Bulk Mail Clerk Vacancies
  • Posting of Vacant Best Qualified Position
  • Public Law 121
  • Requirement to Exhaust Pref. Assignment Register Transfer
  • Requirement to Use Privately Owned Automobiles
  • Right to Waive Training Courses
  • SPBS
  • Saved Grade Memo on LSM Downsizing
  • Saved-Grade
  • Seniority Rights of Full-Time Employees Electing to Revert
  • Staffing of LSM Crew
  • Time Frame for Reversion of Vacant Assignment (37)
  • Training of Second Bidder After Senior Bidder Defaults
  • Transfer Policy
  • Unassigned Regulars
  • Use of Assoc. Office Personnel in SCFS Office (Loaner)
  • Validating Standards for Qualification and Section of
  • Waiver of Entrance Examination

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Article 38

  • Filling Vacant Bargaining Unit Positions with Non-bargain
  • Placement of Probationary Employees on Promotion
  • Requirement to Exhaust Pref. Assignment Register Transfer
  • Requiring Successful Applicants Demonstrate Proficiency
  • Right of Local Management Change Qualification Standards
  • Updating Promotion Eligibility Register Maintenance Craft

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Data Conversion Operator Training

  • REC Training Ergonomics