Benefit Programs

The APWU offers an array of special benefits to our members in addition to those in the Collective Bargaining Agreement:

APWU Health Plan

The APWU offers two great health care options for postal and federal employees and their families.

For more information, visit the APWU Health Plan Web site,, or call or write to:

APWU Health Plan
799 Cromwell Park Drive
Suites K-Z
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Tel: 410-424-2852

Claims-related correspondence should be sent to:

APWU Health Plan
PO Box 1358
Glen Burnie, MD 21060-1358
Tel: 800-222-2798

APWU MasterCard

Credit cards are now part of the fabric of America. But sorting through credit card offers can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s why the union has endorsed a MasterCard exclusively for APWU members.

The APWU MasterCard offers union members three card choices, all with competitve rates, U.S.-based customer service, and more. Plus, exclusive hardship/assistance grants/benefits for eligible cardholders.

Mortgage Program

APWU members can take advantage of a wide range of home-buying options through the Union Plus Mortgage program. Designed exclusively for union members and their families, the program makes buying, selling and refinancing a home easier and more affordable.

Financing is provided through Wells Fargo, one of the largest lenders in the U.S. Well's Fargo's mortgage counselors can help APWU members through the process and answer questions.

Affordable programs include FHA, VA loans, and special programs for first-time homebuyers.

The Mortgage Assistance Program can help homeowners make their mortgage payments if they become unemployed as a result of a disability, layoff, or strike. This valuable program was developed solely for union members by the AFL-CIO — to provide peace of mind for union homeowners.

For more information, call 1-800-848-6466.

Scholarship Programs

Read the 2019 APWU Scholarship Brochure here. 

The E.C. Hallbeck Memorial Scholarship will award $8000 ($2000 annually) to ten recipients (one male and one female from each of the five postal regions) to apply towards their four-year college tuition.

Vocational Scholarship winners will receive up to $3,000 for specialized training in such fields as culinary arts, medical or dental assistant, electrician, real estate, auto mechanic, certified IT/computer education, cosmetology, or massage therapy, etc. Eligible programs can be of a nine-month to three-year duration.

  • March 31, 2019 is the deadline for the APWU to receive completed applications. 
  • The scholarships are open only to high school seniors.  Applicants may apply for only either Hallbeck or Vocational, not both.

Click here to read about the 2018 APWU scholarship winners.

Click here to read about the 2017 APWU scholarship winners.

You can learn more about APWU Scholarships here.

Union Plus Discounts and Services

Union Plus offers APWU members a wide range of exclusive, money-saving benefits.  You don’t need to join or pay a fee: As an APWU member, you and your family are automatically eligible to receive free Union Plus benefits and discounted services, including:

  • Entertainment Discounts, such as reduced prices for movie tickets and rentals, theme park tickets and more 
  • College Planning Services
  • Pet Insurance and Savings
  • Clothing Discounts
  • Online Tax Services

Voluntary Benefits Plan

The Voluntary Benefits Plan provides voluntary insurance benefits designed especially for APWU members. It offers disability, life, dental, hospital indemnity and now automobile insurance, as well as numerous other programs.

These benefit plans are available only to dues-paying members of the American Postal Workers Union.

Accident Benefit Assocation

The Accident Benefit Association makes provision for the payment of benefits to its members and their beneficiaries in case of temporary disability, dismemberment or death resulting directly from a covered accident; independent of exclusive of other causes.

These benefits plans are available to members, either active or retired, associate members, retirees and their spouses of the American Postal Workers Union.

News: Benefit Programs

APWU Web News Article 78-2018

Seventh and Final COLA under the 2015 Contract Agreement Announced

08/10/2018 - In accordance with the 2015-2018 APWU/USPS Collective Bargaining Agreement (union contract), career employees represented by the APWU will receive a 31 cent per hour cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective September 1, 2018. It will appear in paychecks dated September 21, 2018 (Pay Period 19-2018), and will total $645.00 per year.