Election 2016

Information on this page should not be downloaded, posted or sent to others using U.S. Postal Service equipment, nor should it be read, downloaded, posted or sent to others while on the clock or while on USPS property because it involves partisan election-related activity. In accordance with the Hatch Act, postal and federal employees are restricted from engaging in partisan political activity while on the clock or on postal or federal property.

The APWU is challenging the restrictions on postal workers’ use of social media for political activity, but employees should adhere to these guidelines in the meantime.

News: Election 2016

Get Energized to Vote in November!

09/01/2016 - (This article first appeared in the September-October 2016 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

The election this November is about much more than who will occupy the Oval Office. When we cast our ballots on Nov. 8, from president on down to local council races, we have the opportunity to determine America’s future, to chart our collective course. This year, I am encouraged by a number of planks in the Democratic Party platform.