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Medicare Turns 50: A Special New Website Marks a Half-Century of Health Care for Seniors

06/05/2015 - The Alliance is pleased to launch www.medicare50th.orgClick on the link to read the personal stories of what Medicare has meant to several Alliance members personally since its inception, and how much it has changed their lives. As we approach the July 30 anniversary we will add new features and details about Alliance events to mark the occasion and ways you can help remind policymakers to protect this essential, earned benefit.  

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

The Alliance Releases Annual Congressional Voting Record

05/29/2015 - On Tuesday, the Alliance released its annual report detailing the voting record of every U.S. Representative and Senator on issues important to current and future retirees. The voting record looks at ten key votes in both the Senate and the House and assigns a “Pro-Retiree” score for each member of Congress. Scores reflect a member’s level of support for retirees and older Americans.

This year, votes examined include whether to:

  • Privatize Medicare and create a voucher-like system in its place;
  • Turn Medicaid into a block grant system, which would undercut its ability to provide care for millions of older Americans;
  • Raise the minimum wage; and
  • Increase the debt ceiling and keep the government open.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich Spells out the Need to Expand Social Security

05/15/2015 - Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich released a new video explaining the need for expanding earned Social Security benefits by eliminating the $118,500 cap on income subject to Social Security Taxes. Reich notes that with employer-sponsored defined benefit pensions disappearing, and two-thirds of seniors relying on Social Security for a majority of their income, it is more important than ever to expand earned benefits. Currently, billionaires pay the same amount of money into Social Security each year as those earning $118,500.

The video is one in a 10-part series produced by in collaboration with Reich on how to save the economy.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Senate Passes Budget that Cuts $5.3 Trillion

05/08/2015 - The Senate voted 51 to 48 on Tuesday to pass the first joint congressional budget plan in six years, ratifying a 10-year blueprint that would cut spending by $5.3 trillion, overhaul Medicaid by turning it into block grants, and repeal President Obama’s health care law. The budget would cut off health insurance to as many as 27 million people covered by either Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act. It would include $431 billion in unspecified cuts to Medicare over that decade. 



Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Alliance Members Testify Before NYC City Council, Rally to Oppose TPP Agreement

05/01/2015 - Leaders from the Alliance joined other representatives from New York City’s labor, environmental, and social justice groups in opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement on Monday, testifying before the New York City Council and rallying on the City Council steps. Members of the organizations spoke out in support of Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal’s resolution to declare New York City a “TPP-free zone.” Members of the Alliance have been active in opposing TPP; leaked sections have indicated that the prescription drug prices will increase if the agreement is approved.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Moves to Expand Social Security Benefits Gain Traction in the Senate

04/10/2015 - After decades of attempting to cut Social Security, members of Congress are beginning to devote their efforts to expanding Social Security benefits, and the effort is gaining traction.

Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have supported legislation that expands Social Security benefits for retirees and ensures the solvency of the program in the long term. These plans increase benefits to most retirees by about $800 per year and lift the cap on Social Security contributions above the current $118,500. These attempts have so far failed to move forward with Senate Republican leadership, though they have gathered widespread Democratic support.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Alliance Hosts White House Conference on Aging Retiree Forums in Phoenix, Seattle, and 6 Other Cities

04/03/2015 - The White House Conference on Aging occurs every ten years to develop solutions to challenges that older Americans face. This year, the White House is holding a series of regional events leading up to the DC conference. While a limited number of Alliance members are able to attend these events, the Alliance has been holding companion forums in cities across America open to all. At these forums, retirees discuss issues related to retirement security and make recommendations to the White House. This week, the White House and the Alliance held forums in Phoenix on Tuesday and Seattle on Thursday. Alliance satellite events were held this week in San Francisco and Roseville, California; Dallas; Omaha; Boise; and Portland, Oregon.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Budget Vote-O-Rama Forces Senators to Take a Stance on Retirement Security, Minimum Wage

03/27/2015 - Members of the U.S. Senate voted on dozens of amendments to the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget on Wednesday. This marathon “Vote-O-Rama” session forced many Senators, including 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls, to take definitive positions on issues such as raising the minimum wage, preserving Medicare and Social Security earned benefits, and protecting against Medicaid cuts.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

King v. Burwell Supreme Court Case: Affordable Care Act Hangs in the Balance

03/06/2015 - Continued access to affordable health insurance for many early retirees is at stake as the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wednesday in the case of King v. Burwell, a lawsuit challenging provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The suit claims that it is illegal for the government to issue tax credits for insurance policies purchased on federal health insurance exchanges.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Alliance Joins House Members to Protect Social Security Disability Insurance

02/27/2015 - On Wednesday, the Alliance joined Democratic Representatives Xavier Becerra (CA), Sander Levin (MI), Jan Schakowsky (IL), and Doris Matsui (CA), and allies in speaking out on a tele-press conference call focused on protecting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which has come under attack by House Republicans since the new Congress convened. The call came in conjunction with a hearing by the House Ways and Means Committee.