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APWU Web News Article 14-2018

APWU and Postal Service Extend Moratorium on Private Retail Outlets

02/13/2018 - In an effort to protect against further contracting out of retail operations and defend the integrity of customer service and our jobs, the APWU secured a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in the 2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement that imposed a moratorium whereby the Postal Service could not expand any Village Post Offices, Contract Postal Units and Approved Shipper outlets. The moratorium initially expired in July 8, 2017, but was extended through the end of 2017. On February 7, 2018, the parties extended the MOU until September 20, 2018, thus protecting more retail jobs from potentially being lost to these programs through the expiration of the current union contract.  

APWU Web News Article 91-2017

Grievance Time Limit Deadlines Extended For All-Craft Conference

09/26/2017 - In preparation for the 2017 All-Craft Conference, the APWU has requested an extension for all grievance time limit deadlines, for all levels. In response, the Postal Service has issued, “a one-week moratorium on grievance time limits at the local, regional and national level.”  The extension period is effective from Friday, Sept. 29, 2017, through Oct. 6, 2017, to coincide with All-Craft activities.

Starting 2017 with a Bang!

03/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the March-April 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

By Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman

I was never a more proud member of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) than when news broke that together we secured victory in the long and hard fought battle with Staples. It is inspiring to reflect on the unity displayed from coast to coast. Our union sisters and brothers waged a steady, forceful and diligent pressure campaign on both Staples and the USPS, leading to the stoppage of the subcontracting of our retail work.

APWU Web News Article 259-2016

APWU, USPS Sign Agreement For Offices Without a Local Union Structure

12/27/2016 - The APWU signed an updated agreement December 22, 2016, for Members-at-Large who work in small post offices that are not represented by a local union...“The memorandum is important,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “It continues to provide the protection of a local contract to thousands of union members in small offices who would not otherwise be covered by a local agreement. It provides additional benefits particularly for the PTFs and PSEs who staff these small offices.” The agreement covers approximately 15,000 workers.

Full Speed Ahead

07/08/2016 - (This article first appeared in the July-August issue of The American Postal Worker Magazine)

With half of 2016 gone, we have concluded our national contract negotiations, mediations and interest arbitration and you should be reviewing the arbitrator’s award.

Looking Back, Going Forward After a Year of Progress

01/01/2016 - (This article first appeared in the January-February 2016 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

Welcome to 2016! I trust all members had a safe and prosperous holiday period.

As we begin 2016, I would like to share a short review of the progress we made in 2015. The Industrial Relations Department has been successful in many areas and will continue to advance the desires and needs of the membership going forward in 2016. My department will continue to work hard, while we continue to fight for a Collective Bargaining Agreement the members can live with.

A Grievance Procedure That Works for You

03/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the March-April 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

With contract negotiations underway, the APWU negotiating team, like you, is concerned about the future of the Postal Service and the thousands of members we represent.

We are troubled by the Postal Service’s plans to close plants and consolidate facilities, and by the cuts in service management has already implemented. As we have stated in articles, media interviews, at rallies and in the halls of Congress: We believe management’s cut-to-survive strategy is a way of shutting the door on true service to the American public. Every cut the Postal Service makes is also an attack on postal employees.

We must fight hard to defend our rights at the bargaining table, and we must fight to make sure management provides the rights and benefits we have already secured in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The provisions of our contract have been violated at every level by managers who rarely admit they did anything wrong until an arbitrator or judge forces them to reverse their policy and face the consequences – often by the payment of large settlements.