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There’s no better way to receive useful information on organizing than from your fellow organizers in locals around the country.   Sometimes it takes a different approach to reach out, make connections, and encourage others to join the union.

Below you can find helpful tips and techniques on organizing as well as view some inspirational videos to share.  The Organization Department will continue to add to the videos below, and we urge members to suggest others.   Please send suggestions to, including titles, authors, links, and brief summaries of the videos you’d like to see posted on this page.

Instructional video for union activists by strategist Jason Mann,
highlighting techniques on how unions can improve their organizing "win rate"



Roll On Wisconsin Unions!
A salute to Wisconsin's public employees, their unions, 
And all the men and women around the country who are standing with them



Union Town, by Tom Morello


News: Organizing Videos

Many Hands Make Light Work

07/24/2018 - (This article first appeared in the July-August 2018 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine) 

By Organization Director Anna Smith

Sometimes it seems like we are our own worst enemy. When I first started my postal career there was always gloom and doom rhetoric going around the workroom floor. Talk that frankly scared the heck out of me. What I learned though, is that I don’t get to complain about what someone else isn’t doing for me if I’m not willing to step up to the plate and fight for myself.