Plant Consolidations

The USPS's network consolidation plan is part of grand strategy to dismantle the Postal Service and make it ripe for privatization.  The APWU believes that no further plants should be consolidated and that mail processing centers should be re-opened in areas that have been negatively impacted.  The USPS should restore service standards to the level they were at before they were degraded on July 1, 2012.

News: Plant Consolidations

APWU Web News Article 170-2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders to PMG: Service Cuts, Plant Closures ‘a Disaster’

08/27/2015 - In a sharply worded letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called the Postal Service’s decision to close mail processing centers and eliminate overnight delivery “a disaster” and urged her to “re-instate overnight delivery standards and speed up the delivery of mail as soon as possible.”

APWU News Bulletin

Tell Postmaster General, Board of Governors:

Stop Delaying America’s Mail!

More Than 125 Events Set for Nov. 14 National Day of Action

11/07/2014 - On Nov. 14 postal employees from every craft in more than 125 locations will send an urgent message to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the USPS Board of Governors: Stop Delaying America’s Mail!

Pay Raise Set for Nov. 15

APWU-represented postal employees will receive an increase in their annual salaries effective Nov. 15, which will be reflected in paychecks dated Dec. 5. The increase will apply to all employees covered by the  2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the APWU and the USPS.

APWU News Bulletin

APWU to Launch Vigorous Campaign Against Plant Closures, Consolidations

07/01/2014 - On June 30, the APWU denounced plans by the Postal Service to resume the closure and consolidation of up to 82 mail processing plants beginning in January 2015.

“This is a direct assault on service to the people of the country, on postal workers and on the Postal Service’s own network,” said union President Mark Dimondstein. The closure of the plants will require the USPS to degrade service standards and delay mail.

APWU Web News Article 125-2008

Union Files Second ‘Dispute’ Over Two-Tour Initiative

12/19/2008 - The APWU has filed a second Step 4 dispute protesting the Postal Service’s nationwide program to eliminate or drastically reduce Tour 2 assignments and employees. The dispute, filed Dec. 16, is a companion to another Step 4 protest  filed the same day, and recaps many of the allegations made by the union in an Unfair Labor Practice Charge  filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Nov. 25.

The Step 4 dispute (HQTG200820) focuses on management’s violation of Article 17.5.B.4, which requires the Postal Service to jointly discuss new initiatives with the union during the development stage, and to bargain in good faith. The APWU learned of management’s plan to compress mail processing operations to two tours from local union officials, the dispute notes, and received no notification from the Postal Service.

APWU Web News Article 124-2008

Union Files ‘Dispute’ Over Elimination of Tour 2

12/17/2008 - The APWU has initiated a Step 4 dispute with the Postal Service, protesting management’s nationwide plan to eliminate or drastically reduce Tour 2 assignments and employees. The dispute, filed Dec. 16 by union President William Burrus, is in addition to an Unfair Labor Practice charge filed by the APWU with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Nov. 25.

The dispute notes that during a Dec. 10 meeting on the subject, management officials presented the union with a briefing on the two-tour initiative, including the involvement of headquarters-level postal officials. The briefing and documents indicate that management has initiated a “major relocation of employees” through its plan to compress mail-processing operations into two tours, “reassigning a majority of day shift Tour 2 employees to other tours.”

APWU Web News Article 114-2008

Union Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Over Elimination of Tour 2

11/25/2008 - The APWU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the Postal Service, alleging that management failed to bargain over a nationwide plan to consolidate mail processing into two tours — a plan that would eliminate or greatly reduce the number of assignments on Tour 2. The charge, filed Nov. 25 with the National Labor Relations Board, also asserts that the Postal Service failed to provide information to the union regarding this initiative.

In addition, the union contends that it “can show that the Postal Service answered the Union’s request for information dishonestly,” which constitutes an independent violation of management’s obligation to bargain in good faith.