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Legislation that preserves the USPS as a public service for the American people is an over-arching goal of the APWU.

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Why Congress Can’t Get It Done

09/11/2014 - Why can’t Congress get anything done on postal reform? It seems I’m asked that question all the time – in conversations at conferences and conventions, in letters, phone calls and email correspondence.

In part, the answer is a lack of understanding by members of Congress about how the USPS works and how much authority the legislature has ceded to the Postmaster General. He has slowed down America’s mail and entered into “partnerships” with private industry that undermine the public Postal Service without congressional consent.

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Senate Majority Leader Makes 51

More than Half of Senate Now Backs Call to Stop Consolidations

09/06/2014 - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has added his high-profile support to calls for a one-year moratorium on USPS plans to close 82 mail processing plants and slow mail delivery. Reid has joined 50 other senators who signed a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee calling for a ban on USPS cuts to be included in must-pass legislation to keep the government running into the new fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

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Stop Service Cuts and Plant Consolidations

Tell Your Congressman: Sign the Letter!

08/20/2014 - A bipartisan group in the House of Representatives – five Republicans and five Democrats – has drafted a letter to leaders of the House Appropriations Committee calling for a one-year moratorium on Postal Service plans to close mail processing plants and slow down mail delivery. APWU President Mark Dimondstein is asking union members and supporters to urge their U.S. representatives to sign the letter.

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Urgent Action Needed

Ask Senators: Stop Service Cuts and Plant Closures

08/11/2014 - The work of APWU members and supporters across the country is paying off: Fifty senators have agreed to co-sign a letter to the leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee urging them to stop devastating cuts to America’s postal network. 

To ensure the Senate Appropriations Committee acts to protect speedy mail delivery, our jobs and our facilities, the APWU is asking all union members and supporters to urge their senators to sign on if they haven’t already done so.

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Deadline Extended through Monday, Aug. 11, 2014

The Senate Can Help Stop Service Cuts and Plant Closures

08/07/2014 - A move by the USPS that will slow America’s mail service and that threatens tens of thousands of jobs requires an urgent response, said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.

On June 30, the USPS announced its intention to close and consolidate 82 mail processing facilities in 37 states throughout the country beginning in January 2015. On Aug. 1, the USPS posted a notice in Federal Register announcing that the consolidations will eliminate overnight mail delivery, even within the same town. 

Such reckless and counterproductive cuts by USPS have caught the attention of Congress, which has the authority and ability to set USPS on the right path.

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House Committee Votes to Keep Saturday Mail Delivery

06/27/2014 - The House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to a funding bill on June 25 that would prevent the Postal Service from eliminating Saturday mail delivery. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) and Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA), received bipartisan support and easily passed a vote by the full Appropriations Committee.

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Rep. Gerry Connolly:

The USPS is Not a Piggy Bank!

06/05/2014 - In a “Dear Colleagues” letter dated June 3, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) urged his fellow members of the House of Representatives to oppose a proposal to use Postal Service funds to help replenish the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) by ending Saturday mail delivery.

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APWU Condemns GOP Plan to Loot USPS to Save Highway Fund

06/02/2014 - APWU President Mark Dimondstein issued a statement June 2 condemning a proposal by House Republican leaders to raid the Postal Service treasury to shore up the Highway Trust Fund.

“The proposal by House Republican leaders to use Postal Service funds to help replenish the Highway Trust Fund is outrageous. It is another irresponsible attempt by House Republicans to loot the USPS and undermine postal service by eliminating Saturday mail delivery."

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Support Door Delivery

APWU Urges ‘No’ Vote on Issa’s Latest Postal Bill

05/21/2014 - The APWU is urging House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members to vote ‘no’ on the latest postal bill offered by Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), which would end “door delivery” for 15 million postal customers. The committee is scheduled to consider the bill (H.R. 4670) on May 21, less than 48 hours after it was introduced.

“Issa has now decided to eat the USPS one bite at a time,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “We stand in solidarity against any efforts to privatize the Postal Service, diminish service to our customers, or weaken workers’ rights.”