Ventilation Filtration Systems

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Ventilation Filtration Systems - VFS

Following the Anthrax attacks of 2001, the USPS in conjunction with various other agencies determined that the aerosolization of Anthrax spores occurred during the processing of mail as it passed through specific "pinch points" on a machine. The capture of any aerosolized particles will reduce the likelihood of exposure to employees. The VFS units are designed to draw air out of the machine and filter the air.

Deployment of the VFS is designed to reduce exposure to biological threats in the mail. The new systems will be installed in Processing and Distribution Centers through out the country.

VFS are designed to collect and contain potentially hazardous airborne particulates that may be released during the automated processing of mail. The VFS will be installed above the Advanced Facer Canceller Systems (AFCS) as well as above each facility's network of machines that handle and prepare loose mail for cancellation.

The VFS is designed to continuously draw air into a series of filters including HEPA filters. The filters will trap 99.97% of both dust and potentially harmful biological contaminants. According to the Postal Service the deployment of the VFS is the second phase of a multi-tiered response to events resulting from the 2001 anthrax attacks.

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