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APWU Web News Article 80-2008

VER Offers Expanded

Burrus to Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Employees: Don't Go!

09/04/2008 - With news that the Postal Service will offer Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) to Motor Vehicle Services and Maintenance Craft employees — except Electronic Technicians — APWU President William Burrus is reiterating his advice to union members: DON’T GO! 

“My reasoning is simple,” he said. “Every APWU-represented employee who leaves early will save the USPS hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet the Postal Service is refusing to offer cash incentives.”

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Burrus to VER-Eligible Employees: 'DON'T GO'

07/15/2008 - With news that eligible employees will soon be receiving notice from the Postal Service about an offer of Voluntary Early Retirement (VER), APWU President William Burrus is advising union members to delay making a decision as long as possible. 

“The decision about when to retire is a personal one that is influenced by family obligations and lifestyle,” Burrus said. “But the attractiveness of ending a career early should be weighed with consideration of factors that may not be readily apparent.”

APWU Web News Article 65-2008

APWU Meets with USPS, Seeks Bargaining Over Early-Outs

07/09/2008 - APWU President William Burrus met with postal officials July 8 regarding USPS plans to offer early-retirement opportunities to 40,000 employees. “I conveyed our strongly-held belief that the Postal Service is required to bargain with the union over Voluntary Early Retirement opportunities,” Burrus said. 

“I also reiterated our request for all pertinent information,” he said, “including the Postal Service’s request to the Office of Personnel Management requesting authority to offer early-outs, and OPM’s response.” Under the law, federal agencies, including the Postal Service, must receive approval from OPM to offer Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) opportunities to their employees.

APWU Web News Article 62-2008

APWU, USPS to Meet July 8 Over Possible 'Early Out' Offer

07/07/2008 - APWU President William Burrus will meet with USPS officials on Tuesday, July 8, to address the union’s demand for bargaining over possible management plans to offer Voluntary Early Retirement to APWU-represented employees. The union learned unofficially on July 3 that the Postal Service had requested authority from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to offer early retirement to 40,000 postal employees. 

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2005-2006 Organizing Campaign: 'It's All About You!'

11/09/2005 - With a mailing to non-members and the distribution of the first in a series of flyers, the “It’s All About You!” organizing campaign has officially begun.

“The mailing to non-members that announced the September cost-of-living raise has generated more than 2,500 new members,” APWU President William Burrus said. “But that’s just the beginning: I am asking every local and state organization to make organizing a top priority over the next several months.”