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APWU Slashes Employees' Costs For Consumer Driven Health Plan

09/18/2007 - APWU members who enroll in the Consumer Driven Health Plan will pay much lower premiums for health insurance in 2008, plan administrators announced Sept. 18. Union members will pay just $7.77 per pay period for self-only coverage, and $17.48 for self-and-family coverage next year.

The new rates represent a reduction of $10.63 and $23.92 respectively, per pay period from 2007 fees.

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New Developments in the Case of the 'Jena Six'

09/17/2007 - A Louisiana appeals court has overturned the aggravated battery conviction of Mychal Bell, the lead defendant in the Jena 6 six racially-charged incident. “This decision is welcome,” said APWU President William Burrus, “but it does not resolve the community conflict or the status of the children who continue under indictment and face serious charges.

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Several Local and State Elections Set for Nov. 6

All-Craft Conference Attendees Urged to Vote by Absentee Ballot

09/05/2007 - Many APWU members who plan to be in attendance at the APWU All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas Nov. 5-8 should also make plans to vote ahead of time in elections taking place back home.

Several statewide and local elections are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 6. Conference participants are urged to make arrangements — and soon — to vote by absentee ballot or, if permissible to vote early.

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COLA Raise Shows Value of a Union Contract

08/29/2007 - The $686 salary increase that will be reflected in APWU members’ paychecks Sept. 21 demonstrates the ongoing value of the union contract, said APWU President William Burrus. “With the one-level upgrade for all APWU-represented positions in February,” he added, “the negotiated raises will amount to approximately four percent over a period of five months.”

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Union Label Week Sept. 3-8

Support Good Jobs – Buy Union

08/27/2007 - Union Label Week 2007 begins on Labor Day, Sept. 3 and runs through Friday, Sept. 8. The message this year is: “Support Good Jobs — Buy Union.”

During Union Label Week the labor movement makes a special effort to create a better understanding of how unions and union members contribute to America’s prosperity and security:

  • Building roads, offices, home and schools and the things that go into them
  • Administering and operating transportation systems
  • Delivering vital services — from education to communications, from public safety to health services, from entertainment to public administration