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e-Team Report, Oct. 21, 2015

Tell UPS: Move Forward & Leave ALEC Behind

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a secretive organization of corporations that lobbies politicians behind closed doors, all under the guise of a tax-exempt charity. As a backroom partnership between corporations and lawmakers, ALEC routinely promotes model legislation designed to:

  • Drive wages and benefits down;
  • Restrict your rights for claiming workers’ compensation;
  • Weaken safety standards on roads and highways;
  • Misclassify employees as independent contractors, so that companies can increase profits by paying workers less; and
  • Support right-to-work (for less) laws that weaken unions and make it more difficult to negotiate good contracts.

As ALEC’s radical anti-worker agenda and undemocratic practices have been exposed in recent years, over 100 major international corporations have acted responsibly and quit the organization. UPS, however, continues to belong and financially support ALEC.

Last month, APWU joined a broad coalition of 84 organizations on a letter calling for UPS to leave ALEC. Sign below to join a broad coalition of working people, environmentalists, and others by asking UPS to leave ALEC.

ALEC is bad for UPS’s reputation as a sustainable corporation, and worse for workers in all industries. If ALEC’s legislative agenda succeeds, it could put the hard-earned pay and benefits of all workers at risk.

Click here to tell UPS to get out of ALEC now!