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Veterans' Assistance And Resource Committee

To provide additional assistance and to keep our members informed about issues that affect them, the Human Relations Department has created a Veterans' Assistance and Resource Committee. The committee has been tasked to provide updates, training resources, information, understanding and guidance.

Serving on the union's Veterans' Assistance and Resource Committee are:

Sue Carney
APWU Human Relations Director

Chuck Sundgaard
Western Region Maintenance Division NBA

Mary Contella
Central Kentucky Area Local

Mike Gunter
Retiree IL

Rob Levine
South Jersey Area Local

Jeff Smart
St. Louis Gateway MO

John Smeekens
480-481 MI

Flo Summergrad
NY Metro Area Local

David Voltz
Racine Local WI

Inquiries to the Veterans' Assistance and Resource Committee should be directed through APWU local and state organizations to the Human Relations Department.