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For Immediate Release [PDF]

Contact: Sally Davidow

April 9, 2008

(202) 842-4250 




APWU Endorses Sen. Barack Obama

(04/09/08) The National Executive Board of the American Postal Workers Union has voted unanimously to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.

“Sen. Obama’s message is one of hope and change,” said union President William Burrus. “His message is special, and the timing is right.”

“We are most impressed by Sen. Obama’s commitment to eradicating the undue influence of special interests in the political process,” he said. “Our current political system does not allow for the voices of average citizens to be heard over the demands of lobbyists and big-money campaign contributors.

“Sen. Obama has vowed to change that, and his campaign has flourished through the participation of new voters and small contributors,” Burrus said. “We believe he will be a president who will strongly represent the interests of working Americans.”

“His ability to bring new participants into our nation’s democratic process – to get young people involved, and to persuade ordinary citizens that they have a real stake in politics – is an inspiration.”

“We are pleased to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president of the United States, and we will commit our energy and efforts to help him win the White House.”



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The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is the world’s largest postal union, representing approximately 300,000 postal workers in the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle crafts.

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