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The Trial and the Verdict

‘Dump the Postmaster General!’

07/22/2014 - After noting that some have called Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe’s actions criminal -- a clear violation of the law that created and maintains the Postal Service as a fundamental right of the people -- APWU President Mark Dimondstein called the PMG “Wall Street’s Trojan Horse, the privatizer from within.”

“Now I wouldn’t want to recklessly charge the PMG without a fair hearing and the opportunity to be judged by a jury of his peers. You all look like a jury of his peers. Brothers and Sisters I am now calling you to jury duty.”

What were the charges?

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“We charge Donahoe with slowing down the mail, undermining service and demolishing tens of thousands of good jobs by closing processing plants.  What say you? Is he innocent or guilty as charged?” The "jury" roared, "Guilty!" 

“We charge Donahoe with dismantling the Postal Service through post office closings, reduction in customer service hours, constant efforts to end six-day and door delivery, subcontracting Motor Vehicle Service work and outsourcing Maintenance Craft duties.”

"Guilty," the delegates shouted.

“We charge Donahoe with privatizing retail work and transferring decent, union living-wage jobs to low-wage jobs with Village Post Offices and dirty deals like the one with Staples.”

"Guilty," again!

“We charge Donahoe with selling off historic post offices that belong to the people.” And the "jury" said, "Guilty!"

President Dimondstein responded to the verdicts with the chant “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Donahoe has got to go!  What say you?” The delegates replied in kind, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Donahoe has got to go.” 

“Let’s fight for a new PMG who will champion the institution he – or she – is entrusted to lead.”

During the Labor–Management Committee report a motion was introduced to transpose the agenda and a resolution was introduced to “Dump the PMG which read: “Resolved, that this body of the APWU calls for the resignation of Postmaster General Donahoe, and his replacement with a PMG who will defend public postal services instead of dismantling them.” 

The delegates passed the resolution with an unanimous vote followed once again by the chant, “Hey Hey, Ho, Ho, Donahoe has got to go.” 

Wanted posters with Donahoe’s picture and the inscription ‘Wanted: For Crimes Against the Public Postal Service’ were passed out to the delegates who were encouraged to post them on bulletin boards in the workplace.