APWU News Bulletins

2005-2006 Organizing Campaign: 'It's All About You!'

11/09/2005 - With a mailing to non-members and the distribution of the first in a series of flyers, the “It’s All About You!” organizing campaign has officially begun.

“The mailing to non-members that announced the September cost-of-living raise has generated more than 2,500 new members,” APWU President William Burrus said. “But that’s just the beginning: I am asking every local and state organization to make organizing a top priority over the next several months.”

The campaign is designed to reach those who are most likely to join, Burrus said. “Our targets for this campaign are those who have never been inspired to join and those who take the union for granted. There are many workers who are not hostile to the union, but who simply have never been asked to join. And there are former members who dropped out for one reason or another and have never been asked why they did so or whether they would consider coming back.” 

The first flyer, How Secure is Your Job?, is one of seven that will be sent to local offices every two weeks. Burrus is asking members to make sure that all non-members see these flyers and that a verbal message be passed along as well. “With this first flyer, members should point out that the level of job security enjoyed by APWU-represented workers is virtually unheard of in the private sector, and is even getting hard to find in other government employment.” 

“We’re in a positive climate for organizing new members, and the mailing two months ago has created momentum,” Burrus said. “We must build on this and work together to conduct an intense campaign to bring as many of the 60,000 non-members as possible into the union family. We’re asking local officers to make organizing a top priority. We’re also asking the rank-and-file membership to take an active role.” 

“Our task is to make non-members understand that they can no longer afford not to be part of the union.” 

Organization Director Frank A. Romero is available to help plan local campaigns, discuss organizing incentives, and otherwise assist in any way he can. 

Nov. 18 Is New ‘Katrina’ Transfer-Request Deadline 

The APWU and USPS have agreed to extend important deadlines for employees affected by Hurricane Katrina: The new deadline for submitting requests for voluntary transfers is Nov. 18; personnel actions resulting from those requests must be processed (i.e. approved or denied) no later than Nov. 26. 

Another recent agreement grants Katrina-impacted employees who request voluntary transfers the same relocation expenses given to those who are involuntarily reassigned. The Oct. 26 Memorandum of Understanding modifies a Sept. 27 agreement that outlined the process for the return to work of employees affected by the storm. Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29. 

For a series of updated Questions & Answers and other important information, visit “Hurricane Relief” at the APWU Web site. 

Also accessible through the union Web site is a new communication feature for “Katrina employees.” The union has established an electronic forum through which news and comments can be exchanged.


Employees who were improperly denied Voluntary Early Retirement in 2003 and/or 2004 will be granted opportunities for early outs, with retirements taking effect Dec. 31. This is NOT a new opportunity for early retirement, but the resolution of a dispute regarding eligibility for the early-outs offers made previously. 

Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period Set

The annual time period during which the penalty overtime regulations will not be applicable begins Dec. 3 (Pay Period 25-2005, Week 2) and ends Dec. 30 (Pay Period 01-2006, Week 1). 

There are four consecutive service weeks each year during which penalty overtime regulations do not apply. This four-week period is referenced in Article 8 (Sections 4 and 5) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.