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Announcement Made on ‘Day of Action’

Workers Cheer Decision: PMG Donahoe to Step Down

APWU Calls on Incoming PMG to Reverse 'Policies of Destruction'

11/17/2014 -

Postal workers across the country cheered at the announcement on Nov. 14 that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is stepping down, effective Feb. 1. Delegates to the APWU national convention in July had voted unanimously to seek his resignation.

“We hope that the next Postmaster General will reverse Donahoe’s policies of lowering standards, reducing hours, outsourcing work, and diminishing a great American institution,” President Mark Dimondstein said. “We call on USPS’ Board of Governors to immediately freeze Donahoe’s policies and to do no more harm.”

Spontaneous Celebration

Approximately 250 postal workers and supporters were in the midst of a spirited protest in the lobby of USPS headquarters when the word came down. The protesters had been denied entry to a “public” meeting of the Board of Governors, and were chanting, “Let us in!”

After Dimondstein read aloud a text message about Donahoe’s announcement, a spontaneous celebration erupted, with participants cheering and singing. Enthusiastic reactions were reported from protests around the country.

The activities at USPS headquarters were organized by the four postal unions to send a message to the Postmaster General and the Board to Stop Delaying America’s Mail! It was part of a National Day of Action that included 150 protests, with events in all 50 states.

The protests were designed to thwart USPS plans to reduce service standards beginning Jan. 5, 2015; virtually eliminate overnight delivery; delay all mail throughout the nation, and close 82 mail processing plants.

“The National Day of Action helped us tell the American people about the impending attack on their service and the future of the USPS,” Dimondstein said. “It’s no accident that the PMG’s announcement was made that day. It shows that when we fight back, good things can happen. So we must continue the struggle.”

A Message to the Incoming PMG

“We welcome Megan Brennan as the new Postmaster General and urge her to reverse Donahoe’s policies of destruction,” he said. “The USPS needs a PMG who will champion the institution she is entrusted to lead.” 

“We urge the incoming Postmaster General to join with the four postal unions, 51 senators and 174 House members who are demanding a one-year moratorium on the reduction in service standards and plant closings,” he added.

Speaking at a rally outside the USPS lobby, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) said, “We’ve got to have a business model that improves service.” 

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton reiterated the message that the new PMG must discontinue plans to cut service and dismantle the USPS network. “Hear us before you come,” she said. “If [Donahoe] doesn’t stop it before he goes, you’ve got to stop it!”

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