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APWU Web News Article 072-2015

RMSS Implementation Dispute Settled for $2 Million

04/01/2015 - In a March 30 agreement,  the Maintenance Craft settled a long-running dispute over eligibility for promotions for a total of $2 million, Director Steve Raymer has announced.

The settlement, signed by Assistant Director Idowu Balogun, says that 671 employees whose eligibility rating was changed to “ineligible” in August 2009 will each receive a lump-sum payment of $2,950, minus applicable deductions, by the end of Pay Period 10-2015.

APWU Web News Article 068-2015

A Sin of Omission

Deceptive Study Financed by UPS

03/30/2015 - A recent “study” by a Harvard-educated economist asserting the Postal Service has an “unfair competitive advantage” over private-sector delivery companies has garnered a lot of attention in recent days. The “study” by Robert J. Shapiro was the subject of articles in the Washington Post and Fortune, and was the centerpiece of a panel discussion at the well-known Brookings Institution on March 25. The headline in Fortune was eye-catching, to say the least: ‘American Taxpayers Give an $18 Billion Gift to the Post Office Every Year,’ the Wall Street mouthpiece asserted.

But so far, discussion of Shapiro’s claims has omitted a crucial detail: The study was financed by United Parcel Service, the Postal Service’s chief private-sector competitor and a long-time proponent of postal privatization.

APWU News Bulletin

Contract Town Hall Call: April 6

03/30/2015 - APWU members are invited to join APWU President Mark Dimondstein for a live Contract Town Hall Call on Monday, April 6. This will be the third such call.

We will discuss our fight to win a good contract for union members while we fight for a vibrant, public Postal Service for the people of the country.

There are two options: 12 p.m. EDT and 8 p.m. EDT. The call is expected to last approximately 25 minutes.To participate, you must register online by 6 p.m. EDT, April 5. At your selected time, you will receive a call from the APWU. All you have to do is answer your phone!

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APWU Web News Article 067-2015

Arbitrator Sustains Grievance on Motor Vehicle Craft Subcontracting

03/27/2015 - Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg has sustained the MVS Craft Step 4 dispute in Case # Q10V-4Q-C 14125953, regarding contracting out Postal Vehicle Service work.

The MVS Craft initiated the dispute in response to the USPS April 26, 2013, notice to the APWU that management was “considering subcontracting the highway movement of mail in approximately 162 Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) sites nationwide.” The notice came on the heels of the Postal Service’s attempt to contract out the entire PVS operation in the state of California.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Budget Vote-O-Rama Forces Senators to Take a Stance on Retirement Security, Minimum Wage

03/27/2015 - Members of the U.S. Senate voted on dozens of amendments to the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget on Wednesday. This marathon “Vote-O-Rama” session forced many Senators, including 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls, to take definitive positions on issues such as raising the minimum wage, preserving Medicare and Social Security earned benefits, and protecting against Medicaid cuts.