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APWU Web News Article 067-2015

Arbitrator Sustains Grievance on Motor Vehicle Craft Subcontracting

03/27/2015 - Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg has sustained the MVS Craft Step 4 dispute in Case # Q10V-4Q-C 14125953, regarding contracting out Postal Vehicle Service work.

The MVS Craft initiated the dispute in response to the USPS April 26, 2013, notice to the APWU that management was “considering subcontracting the highway movement of mail in approximately 162 Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) sites nationwide.” The notice came on the heels of the Postal Service’s attempt to contract out the entire PVS operation in the state of California.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Budget Vote-O-Rama Forces Senators to Take a Stance on Retirement Security, Minimum Wage

03/27/2015 - Members of the U.S. Senate voted on dozens of amendments to the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget on Wednesday. This marathon “Vote-O-Rama” session forced many Senators, including 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls, to take definitive positions on issues such as raising the minimum wage, preserving Medicare and Social Security earned benefits, and protecting against Medicaid cuts.

APWU Web News Article 065-2015

Union Members Say It With Stickers

03/27/2015 -

Members of the Philadelphia BMC Local wore their
stickers in solidarity. 

From East to West and North to South, APWU members took a message to postal management and to postal customers on March 26. Our demands: Good Postal Service! Good Jobs! Good Contract!

As the seventh week of negotiations drew to a close, postal employees wore stickers at work bearing the message as a sign of solidarity.

APWU members also distributed flyers outside post offices that told postal patrons, “Our goal is to win a labor agreement that protects stable jobs and guarantees Americans their constitutional right to have good postal services, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money they have.

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San Jose Local members leaflet the San Jose Plant.

e-Team Report, March 25, 2015

03/25/2015 - Pay More, Get Less
Postal Employee Retirements in the Crosshairs

This month, the House and Senate Budget Committees released their budgets for Fiscal Year 2016 and both contain severe hardship for federal and postal employees.  Among other harmful provisions, these recently unveiled budget bills call for significant increases in the amount federal and postal employees must pay into their retirements.

APWU Web News Article 064-2015

Posters Promote Our Cause

03/25/2015 -

A San Jose restaurant displays
a poster in support of 
"Our Postal Service."

​The San Jose Local decided to get a jump on activities set for March 26, and Jose Chavez, a member of the Contract Action Team, knew where to go to spread the union’s message. He persuaded King Egg Roll, a restaurant with several outlets in the area that serves hundreds of customers each day, to displays the APWU poster in support of “Our Postal Service.”

The union is asking locals, state organizations and retiree and auxiliary chapters to send a message to postal management and the public on Thursday: Wear a sticker bearing the slogan, Good Postal Service! Good Jobs! Good Contract! Pass out flyers to the public at post offices. Distribute posters to businesses to display in their windows.

APWU Web News Article 063-2015

Budget Bills: Cut Postal, Federal Pay

03/25/2015 - Two congressional committees are proposing to solve the nation’s financial problems in part by reducing pay for millions of postal and federal employees. Budget bills for fiscal year 2016 proposed by House and Senate committees last week would cut pay for postal and federal workers by increasing the amount employees must pay into retirement accounts – without any increase in benefits.

APWU Web News Article 062-2015

Update on Article 1.6.B ‘Global Settlement’ Remedy

03/24/2015 - APWU Clerk Craft Director Clint Burelson has updated union members on progress toward disbursing a $56 million settlement that was signed Dec. 5, 2014, to resolve disputes over postmasters and supervisors in small offices performing bargaining unit work.

As part of the settlement, the Postal Service was required to provide reports showing the amount of bargaining unit work performed by postmasters and supervisors in Level 15, 16 and 18 offices.

APWU Web News Article 061-2015

Sticker Day Set for Thursday, March 26

Flyers to be Distributed to Public; Posters to Businesses

03/23/2015 -

Members of the Philadelphia BMC Local proudly
wearing stickers.

On March 26, APWU members will “Say It With a Sticker.”

“Led by our local and state presidents and our Contract Action Teams, March 26 will be a day to spread the word,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein declared.

“We’ll send a message to management by wearing stickers, and we’ll take our message to the people by passing out flyers at post offices and asking business owners to put posters in their windows supporting ‘Our Public Postal Service.’

APWU Web News Article 60-2015

Setting the Record Straight

03/23/2015 -

Three in-depth flyers and a brochure just published by the APWU dispel common misconceptions about the Postal Service. “With contract negotiations underway, it’s important for union members – and the public – to know the truth about the Postal Service’s phony financial crisis, the threat of privatization, and the potential for expanded and enhanced postal services,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.