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2-Cent Price Cut is Bad for Postal Patrons – and for the Postal Service

For Immediate Release

04/15/2016 - The PRC ruling that required the Postal Service to lower postage rates is bad for postal patrons – and for the Postal Service. We want our customers to enjoy the lowest postage rates possible, but postage can’t be so low that it undermines service and undermines the institution.

Our country needs a vibrant Postal Service and the Postal Service needs revenue to properly serve the people.

This ruling is a boon to the major mailers – the credit card companies and insurance sellers – who already get excessive discounts at the expense of individual mailers.

The 2 cent reduction won’t save individual mailers much money at all, but it will have a very negative effect on the Postal Service’s finances. Ultimately, it will undermine service and weaken a great national treasure.