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‘Ask a Working Woman’ Survey

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05/19/2008 -

Working women understand the difficulties of balancing work and family, the pressure of making ends meet, and the challenges of getting ahead. 

That’s why the union urges APWU members to make their voices heard by taking part in the AFL-CIO’s 2008 Ask a Working Woman survey. The thought-provoking survey questions women about their jobs, their free time, and what would make their lives betters. 

The survey, conducted every two years for more than a decade, generated more than 26,000 responses in 2006. Results were distributed to every member of Congress and were highlighted in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, on public radio and in other media outlets. 

This year the response is expected to be even greater. With the economy in turmoil and concerns about healthcare and home foreclosures growing, working women seem eager to sound off about their workplace and economic priorities. 

“The questionnaire is a valuable tool to find out what is really on the minds of America’s working women,” said Elizabeth Powell, APWU’s Northeast Regional Coordinator. Powell is leading a membership drive among APWU women for the second year in a row. “The difficulty many women face balancing their jobs and family responsibilities is a serious obstacle. We must find the ways to get women more involved. Joining the union and completing the survey are good first steps.”

For facts and statistics about the struggles of working women in today’s global economy, and to view the results of the 2006 Ask a Working Woman survey, visit the AFL-CIO’s Working Women Web pages.