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APWU Members March on May Day

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05/05/2017 - APWU members were part of the thousands marching and rallying on May Day, the International Day of Workers’ Solidarity.

From coast to coast, tens of thousands celebrated in many cities across the country, including San Juan, Puerto Rico. Workers and allies united to fight back against increasing anti-immigration sentiment and policies that divide workers from each other at a time when we need to come together.  

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APWU members, national and local officers with other union members and staff at the Dupont Circle rally.

Arrion Brown, Nations Capital Southern Maryland Area Local Support Services Director,
Flo Summergrad, New York Metro Area Local Executive Board Member and Editor and
Tiffany Foster, New York Metro Area Local Executive Vice President
at the Washington, DC May Day rally and march.


Puerto Rico Area Local (PRAL) President Juan Carlos González-Del Valle (center)
with PRAL brothers and sisters wearing APWU gear at the San Juan May Day march.


San Juan May Day march.

APWU activist members of the San Francisco Local and Oakland Local marched in a May Day event in Oakland, CA.