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Burrus: Contract Agreement 'Possible'

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11/19/2006 - In a telephone message on the eve of the expiration of the contract, APWU President William Burrus told union members that although final agreement is beyond reach at this time, "I am convinced that agreement is possible." Negotiations are continuing, he said, with health benefits and wages dominating the discussions. 

The full text of President Burrus’ message is below:

This is Bill Burrus, reporting to you on the eve of the expiration of the contract. Tomorrow is Nov. 20, and the contract expires at midnight . The APWU negotiating team continues to advance the issues of postal employees and some progress is being made. Several tentative agreements have been reached, but there will be no final agreement unless there is an entire agreement. 

Health benefits and wages continue as the priority issues under consideration. While discussions have been positive, final agreement is beyond our reach at this time.

I have been meeting daily with the Vice President of Labor Relations to identify issues and discuss possibilities. These meetings will continue through tomorrow, and I am convinced that agreement is possible.

These final 24 hours will be crucial, and I look forward to the challenge of closing the deal.

If a tentative agreement is reached, I will notify you immediately via the hotline. If we fail, you can be assured that we gave it our best shot.

Thank you for your interest and your commitment to the APWU.

Bill Burrus, signing off until tomorrow. 

The toll-free number for the APWU Contract Negotiations Hotline is 800-992-APWU (or 800-992-2798).