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DSI Dispute Settled with Position Upgrade and Payment

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12/11/2017 - On Nov. 22, the MVS Division settled a longstanding grievance, QOOV-4Q-C 05171465, regarding Driver Safety Instructor (DSI) positions. In the dispute, the Union’s grievance sought to upgrade the DSI one level higher than the Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO).

The settlement places the DSI at the same level as the TTO, Level 8, with a “one-time lump sum payment to the employees receiving the upgrade. Those employees who were placed in the position between 2007 and 2012 will receive a $5000 payment. Those employees who were placed in the position between 2013 and 2017 will receive a $2500 payment.”

When the Motor Vehicle Operator and TTO positions were upgraded in the mid-2000’s, the Driver Instructor Examiner (DIE) remained at the same level and did not receive an upgrade. In 2007, the DIE position was abolished and the DSI position was created. For many years this left the positions ranked at the same level.

“This disparity caused unintended consequences. If a TTO desired to become a DSI, this resulted in a demotion for the TTO,” said MVS Director Michael Foster. “This mid-term upgrade restores parity with the TTO and establishes the appropriate level for the DSI.”

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