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Gear Up for Gear Day

Need ideas to boost participation? Try these on for size.

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08/28/2015 - Whether it’s with a T-Shirt, button or armband, wearing our solidarity on our sleeve sends a message to management that we’re united. Below are some suggestions that could help increase involvement:

  • Place flyers under worker’s windshield wipers on Wednesdays to remind them to wear APWU gear the next day;
  • Send emails on Wednesdays to remind members;
  • Place a short reminder article on your local’s website;
  • Designate someone to post reminders on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Distribute APWU stickers, buttons, etc., in front of the workplace before tours begin;
  • Remind members about Gear Day at union meetings;
  • Talk to members during breaks to let them know to gear up on Thursday;
  • Place the “Wear Union Gear Every Thursday” flyer on bulletin boards:
  • Inform members that pictures will be taken and they may end up on the national APWU website;
  • Hold contests to reward those who participate;
  • Ask a member who is not an officer or steward to canvass members and remind them;
  • Ask members for ideas.

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Click here to download a Wear Union Gear flyer for distribution to members.

Click here to download a Wear Union Gear flyer for ordering.