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Locals: Ask Candidates to Boycott Staples!

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10/03/2016 - It’s now easy to encourage candidates for local, state and national office to boycott Staples and

Click here for a sample letter, which can be signed by local leadership and mailed to candidates.

The text of the letter is below:

Dear [Candidate’s Name],

I am writing to ask you to honor the American Postal Workers Union’s boycott of Staples.

As you may know, the boycott is part of a campaign to stop the United States Postal Service from privatizing its retail services. Hundreds of faux post offices – staffed by low-paid Staples employees – have been set up in Staples stores across the country.

Postal management’s goal is to move retail transactions to Staples and other private businesses, reduce hours of operations and close neighborhood post offices. This strategy would undermine a great national treasure, devastate service, and eliminate living-wage jobs.

The Stop Staples boycott includes Staple’s subsidiary,, and is endorsed by the AFL-CIO, many national unions, such as the National Education Association and SEIU, and other organizations. Please make sure that everyone working on your campaign understands the importance of this boycott and please make sure that office supplies and services for your campaign are purchased elsewhere.

We appreciate your support!