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May Day - Celebrate International Workers’ Day!

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04/30/2018 - International Workers’ Day is May 1! Better known as May Day, it is an annual holiday commemorating the universal struggle of all working people. It is a day for all workers around the globe to stand together in solidarity and fight for respect, dignity, rights, and opportunities for working people of all backgrounds.

This year, thousands are expected to participate in demonstrations, strikes, parades and other actions across the country. The APWU encourages all members to take part in this historic day and bring attention to workers’ issues at home and across the world! You can do an internet search to find a May Day event in your area.

Honoring the struggle for workers’ rights

May Day originated in the 1880s. The holiday was born out of the historic fight for the eight-hour day, centered in Chicago and the Haymarket Affair. It is celebrated in over 80 countries with massive rallies. In many countries, it is a paid holiday – but unfortunately, not in the U.S.

May Day, the international day of worker solidarity, lives!

If you take part in an event, please send pictures of you, your family and/or co-workers to for a chance to be featured on the APWU website or in future publications. Remember to wear your union gear!