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Negotiations Update

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09/08/2006 - Negotiations between the USPS and the APWU over a new Collective Bargaining Agreement resumed Sept. 7 and 8, with preliminary discussions of non-economic issues. Discussion of economic issues, including upgrades, will take place later in the negotiation process.

Specific contract language on the non-economic issues was not suggested or addressed; instead, each party identified problems to be solved and suggested a general approach for doing so.

The APWU presented several proposals, gave a brief explanation of the concerns surrounding each one, and responded to USPS questions about the issues on Sept. 7. The USPS made presentations on issues and answered APWU questions about them on Sept. 8. Further discussion may take place on these items, and additional non-economic issues may be introduced.

The union’s topics included workforce categories, job security, and issues involving the implementation of technological changes. The USPS issues included the expansion of “management rights” and the movement of employees.

“In these early stages of negotiations,” APWU President William Burrus said, “it is not productive to elaborate publicly on specific proposals. As contract talks progress more information will be made available.”

Negotiations are scheduled to continue on Sept. 14.