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OSHA Cites USPS For Unsafe Working Conditions

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02/11/2013 - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the USPS for unsafe working conditions following the death of mechanic Steny Wing Hoi Yu, who died July 27 from injuries he sustained while working at the Detroit NDC.

Yu apparently fell from a ladder while carrying a fire extinguisher in response to an emergency dispatch to put out a fire on an upper steel platform. Shortly thereafter he was found on the floor at the base of the ladder.

On Jan. 23, following a six-month investigation, OSHA issued eight “serious” citations and one “other than serious” citation, as well as $47,400 in fines for unsafe conditions in Yu’s work area.

The Postal Service is contesting the citations and fines at the OSHA Review Commission.

Citations, Fines in Charlotte

OSHA also recently issued citations and fines against the USPS for safety violations at the Charlotte NC postal facility related to work on grinding machinery.

The citations were originally classified as “repeat” violations because the USPS was previously cited for the same unsafe practice at a workplace in Raleigh NC. OSHA and the Postal Service subsequently agreed to reduce the penalty classification from “repeat” violations to “serious” violations and reduced the fines from to $16,500 to $7,000.