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Revised FMLA Forms

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05/31/2012 - The union has posted revised FMLA forms for use by healthcare providers to certify serious illnesses of APWU members and their family members.

The forms the union created in 2009 “ solicit all of the information required under law,” Industrial Relations Director Mike Morris noted in a May 28, 2011, letter to USPS management. However, the APWU revised the forms based on suggestions made during a recent meeting with USPS officials to discuss the implementation of an arbitration award that stipulated that the Postal Service cannot require employees to use the Department of Labor’s WH-380 FMLA forms.

The revised APWU FMLA Forms 1 and 2 include the following changes:

1) Spaces for the employee’s EIN and FMLA case number, if known;

2) Indication of which type of serious health condition corresponds with the boxes at the top, so that healthcare providers don’t inadvertently check the wrong box;

3) Examples of what medical information (outside of medical diagnosis/prognosis) may be relevant when describing the medical facts; and

4) Indication at the bottom of the form that healthcare providers should see Page 2 for a complete description of “serious health condition.”