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Senate to Consider Postal Bill Today, April 17

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04/17/2012 - The Senate is expected to consider a revised version of S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act, on Tuesday, April 17, with proceedings broadcast and Webcast live on C-SPAN. The first order of business will be a “cloture vote” on a motion to proceed.  Sixty votes are required to proceed to consideration of the bill.

Next up will be a motion to replace the bill as it was originally introduced with a “manager’s amendment,” which includes changes supported by the bill’s sponsors.

“We are analyzing the new provisions carefully and will comment once we have completed our review,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. The APWU denounced the original version of the bill, saying it would lead to degradation of service and the closure of hundreds of mail processing centers and thousands of post offices.

Debate is expected to last several days. Additional amendments could be introduced from the Senate floor.

“APWU members have done an outstanding job of letting their senators know where we stand,” Guffey said. “Continued vigilance is needed as the bill proceeds through the Senate.”

After the Senate votes on the measure, action is expected to move to the House of Representatives, said Myke Reid, APWU Legislative and Political Director. “APWU will have to pay close attention and remain active as the House considers postal reform legislation,” he said.

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