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Senate Leaders Announce Agreement On Amendments to Postal Reform Bill

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04/20/2012 - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced an agreement April 19 to consider 39 amendments to the postal reform bill (S. 1789), with debate on amendments beginning on Monday, April 23. A cloture vote to end debate is expected Monday evening. If the motion passes, voting on amendments will begin on Tuesday, April 24.

A 60-vote super-majority will be required to pass amendments and the final bill, and 18 amendments will be considered by voice votes.

The sponsors of the bill introduced a revised version of S. 1789 on April 17, and adopting the substitute bill will require approval by 60 votes as well.

“The revised version of S. 1789 is better than the original version, but we continue to have serious concerns about several issues,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey.

Seventy-nine amendments were introduced by the deadline on April 18; the agreement eliminated 40.

“We are reviewing the remaining amendments,” said Legislative and Political Director Myke Reid. “We will call on union members to contact their senators about the most important amendments,” he said.

The APWU vehemently opposes some amendments and favors others, he said.

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