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Step 4 Agreement Reached on MVO and TTO Qualification Standards

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05/19/2017 - Clarifies qualifications for Motor Vehicle Operators, Tractor Trailer Operators, and establishes training opportunities for MVOs in tractor-trailer operations

A settlement was reached between the APWU and the USPS clarifying the changes that the Postal Service made to the Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO) and Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO) qualification standards in 2002. The significance of this settlement is that the parties recognized that Motor Vehicle Operators are afforded the opportunity for tractor-trailer training consistent with Article 39.2B.9 which states, "When Tractor-Trailer assignments are established, motor vehicle operators who are not qualified to drive tractor-trailers will be given on-the-clock training, starting with the senior MVO."

The settlement also reaffirms that an operator need not be TTO qualified when hired for a MVO position.

The local parties should establish a process that provides training for MVO's before a residual TTO vacancy occurs.

"I am satisfied that this settlement will correct the qualification standards language that was changed in 2002, which allowed for the waiver of TTO experience if an employee successfully passed the USPS road test,” said MVS Division Director Michael Foster. “This settlement took many years of negotiations to resolve, and I hope that any MVOs who participate in this training will take the promotion to TTO when it becomes available."

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