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APWU Rides With Rolling Thunder, Delivers for Wounded Warriors

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06/01/2012 - The APWU paid tribute to veterans at Rolling Thunder's 25th Annual Ride for Freedom over Memorial Day weekend, thanks to the generous contributions of union members across the country. This year’s donations enabled the union to host its 6th annual Troop Appreciation Barbeque at the event, which is held at the National Mall in Washington, DC, to raise awareness about POW-MIA and veteran issues.

“Thank you to everyone who has participated in the union’s 2012 Support Our Troops Support Our Troops fundraising campaign,” said APWU Human Relations Director Sue Carney, noting that to date, the union has raised $11,758.22 in cash and has received other items to bring comfort to our nation’s service members and veterans.

(Above) Wounded warriors take a break from the heat under the tent. (Below) Carney ready and waiting to feed the wounded warriorsThe Yellow Ribbon Fund bused wounded U.S. Service members who are recovering from their injuries at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMNC) to the Rolling Thunder activities. At a VIP tent on the mall, they were treated to spare ribs, grilled chicken and many other barbeque favorites prepared by Carney.

The wounded warriors and their families were entertained by Gordon Painter, Nancy Sinatra, and Connie Stevens; escorted to many of the memorials by Rolling Thunder volunteers, and given an opportunity to observe an estimated 500,000 motorcycles ride by during the tribute run. According to news reports, 1,173,000 people attended the event.

APWU distributed customized bottles of water to the parched crowd. Labels on the bottles proclaimed, “Save America’s Postal Service,” and urged citizens to contact Congress.

In addition to contributing to the weekend’s events, the generosity of APWU members, locals and state organizations enabled us to distribute 500 backpacks filled with food, survival gear and warm articles of clothing to homeless veterans during the Veterans’ Administration’s Winterhaven Stand Down on Jan. 21.

Additional plans for 2012 include continuing our Operation Fast Food Favorites program, sending care packages to U.S. Service members who are deployed overseas, hosting Movie Nights at the WRNMMC, and distributing holiday tidings.

We would like to recognize our APWU organizations, members and friends who contributed during our intial 2012 campaign fundraiser. The APWU Support Our Troops programs would not be possible without their generous support.

We’d also like to give special recognition to Nevada State Postal Workers Union and the Boise [ID] Local. The Nevada state organization, which has just 57 members, has donated more than $7,500 in just three years by selling silver medallions they created to pay tribute to veterans. The Boise Local, which has just 250 members, has distributed 202 filled backpacks to homeless veterans in their community over the past three years.

We will continue to accept contributions throughout the year. Checks should be made payable to:

APWU Support Our Troops 
And Veterans Programs

Donations should be sent to:

APWU Human Relations Department
1300 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Please help us give back to those who have given so much.