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Tom Maier Appointed Assistant Legislative Director

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02/24/2012 - Clerk Craft National Business Agent Tom Maier has been appointed to serve as the union’s Legislative and Political Assistant Director. He replaces Steve Albanese, who retired at the end of 2011.

Maier was selected by APWU President Cliff Guffey, and approved by a vote of the executive board, in accordance with the APWU Constitution. The vote was conducted via telephone.

“I am confident Tom will do a great job – he always does,” Guffey said.

Maier began his postal career in Tulsa OK in 1980. He was elected local president in 1983, and served as an NBA in the Wichita Region for 17 years.

Guffey also praised Steve Albanese, who retired from the APWU after a 40-year career. “Steve was an outspoken and forceful advocate for postal workers for four decades,” he said.

Albanese was elected Legislative and Political Assistant Director in 2004. He served as a Clerk Craft NBA in the New England Region from 1992-2001. Prior to his election as NBA, he served 15 years as president of the Boston Metro Area Local.