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Union Headquarters Celebrates ‘Great Day for Democracy’

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11/09/2006 - Standing beneath a sign reading, “The People Won,” APWU President William Burrus saluted union members who worked to help elect “forward-thinking” candidates on Election Day 2006.

“This is a great day for democracy, a great day for the labor movement, and a great day for us,” Burrus said during an impromptu celebration at APWU headquarters on Wednesday. He noted that several members of the staff had worked the phones or otherwise campaigned for candidates who had expressed support for working families and he reported that APWU members in the field had worked just as hard.

The union president said that the biggest difference between this election and others was that the people voted on the issues that were important to workers. “For too long, voters have gravitated towards emotional issues, while important issues such as healthcare, education, quality of life — these were put on the back burner.”

“But this was a great campaign,” Burrus said, “and I, personally, have never been more satisfied with the results of a national election. I am proud to say that APWU members nationwide were heavily involved in this success. The people have spoken and the people have won.”

Burrus said that the APWU Legislative Department had made exceptional contributions to the victorious effort. The department’s director, Myke Reid, gave the bulk of the credit to APWU staffers and members, in Washington and throughout the country.

“Those of you who worked on phone banks and made literature drops, and all of you who voted, you’ve done America a great service,” Reid said. “Those of you with loved ones working for the minimum wage... you’ve voted them a raise. Those of you with kin on Medicare... you’ve helped reduce the cost of their prescription drugs. Those of you with loved ones in Iraq ... you’ve helped bring them home just a little quicker.

“I agree whole-heartedly with President Burrus: the people have won!