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Wisconsin-to-Minnesota AMP Halted

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05/22/2007 - The APWU has been notified that the consolidation of some mail-processing operations at the La Crosse (WI) P&DF into the Rochester (MN) P&DF will not occur.

“After review, it has been determined that there are currently no significant opportunities to improve efficiency and/or service through consolidation of mail processing operations at the La Crosse P&DF,” the Postal Service wrote to the APWU on May 22. “Therefore, no significant changes will be made at this time.”

The study to consider moving sortation from the Wisconsin border town about 70 miles west into Minnesota was among 10 AMPs announced by the USPS on Dec. 12, 2005. None of the consolidations have taken place, and all but one of the studies (in South Dakota) have been terminated.

Thirty-two AMP feasibility surveys have been terminated or placed on hold in the last year.