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Saturday, April 28

Workers Memorial Day

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04/18/2007 - On April 28 each year, the labor movement observes Workers Memorial Day to commemorate workers who have been killed or injured on the job, and to renew the fight for safety-and-health protections. This year’s theme is Good Jobs, Safe Jobs. It’s Time. 

With union backing, Congress passed important legislation to establish job safety and heath standards for every industry more than three decades ago. In recent years, however, many of the safeguards we fought hard for have been eroded by lax enforcement. 

Since 2001, the White House has blocked or withdrawn dozens of important safety regulations, including ergonomic safety standards and a number of measures that might have prevented several of the mining tragedies last year. 

The toll of workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths remains unacceptably high. Each year, thousands of workers are killed, and millions more are injured or contract preventable diseases on the job. 

“Workers Memorial Day is an opportunity to focus on reducing the toll of job injuries and deaths,” said APWU President William Burrus. “We must make it clear that unions will continue to fight to make workers’ issues a priority," he added, “to guarantee the freedom of workers to form unions and to create and keep good, safe jobs in this country.” 

Workers Memorial Day materials and suggestions for how to organize an observance are available on the AFL-CIO's Web site or by calling the labor federation’s Safety and Health Department at (202) 637-5367.