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Postal Nurses:
Contract Talks Continue

APWU Web News Article #89-07, Oct. 1, 2007

The National Postal Professional Nurses-APWU and the Postal Service agreed on Sept. 28 to extend contract talks until Oct. 12. During negotiations held on Sept. 18, 24, 26 and 27, the union presented proposals — including an economic package — and answered questions from the Postal Service.

The Postal Service has not offered a wage proposal, but has agreed to do so by Oct. 3.

“Management negotiators have said the Postal Service has ‘no interest’ in the union’s wage package,” said National Business Agent Bill Manley. “Yet they have failed to present an economic proposal of their own.

The parties will meet again on Oct. 11, and 12. The contract between the USPS and the National Postal Professional Nurses expired Aug. 17; the NPPN voted to merge with the APWU that month.

APWU-represented nurses are urged to contact their negotiation committee members for further information. The NPPN-APWU Negotiation Committee consists of NPPN-APWU President Idell Mitchell, RN (Washington); NPPN-APWU Vice President Maria Hicks, RN (Detroit); NPPN-APWU Executive Board members Jane Freeman, RN (Orlando); Emily Jones, RN (Chicago); and Suzanne Deweese, RN (Indianapolis); NBA Manley, and counsel.

The APWU represents 159 nurses at approximately 50 locations.

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