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Convention Delegates Act on Tough Issues

Deliberations Continue on Constitutional Resolutions

07/25/2014 - Acting on the first resolution reported by the Constitution Committee during Wednesday’s session, as a cost-savings measure, delegates amended the APWU Constitution, shortening the time frame for National Conventions from five to four days.  The change also adds one-hour to each of the four days the convention is in session.  

Changing the order in which resolutions were considered, the convention then directed its attention to a resolution regarding a dues increase. After extensive debate, the resolution was voted down. 

Ed Schultz, Rev. William Barber: Together, We Will Win!

July 24, 2014 - Convention delegates were inspired by rousing speeches from two great supporters of working people.

Ed Schultz, host of The Ed Show on MSNBC addressed the delegates on day 4 of the National Convention and Reverend William Barber, a leader of the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina told delegates that the time is right for a new coalition in America.

APWU News Bulletin

Postal Banking: An Urgent Public Need

07/24/2014 - Nearly 150 Convention delegates attended the Postal Banking Forum on Wednesday after the convention adjourned.

The session, moderated by Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher, included Denis Lemelin, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Jose Sayagues, federal secretary of the Spain FSP-UGT Postal Sector;  Jose Oliveira, international relations secretary of the National Union of Postal and Telecommunication Workers, in Portugal; and Ariel Yacobi, chairman of the Israel Union of Government Employees.

The panel spoke about the history of postal banking in their countries and how public banking meets the needs of low-wage workers.

APWU POWER Caucus Held

July 23, 2014 - At a caucus held after adjournment of  Monday’s  convention session, members and supporters of the APWU Post Office Women for Equal Rights (POWER) heard inspiring accounts from a number of sisters about their life experiences and paths to leadership roles in the APWU because of POWER.

International Solidarity

July 23, 2014 - The 22nd Biennial Convention continued the tradition of hosting union leaders and activists from around the globe. Their presence is an expression of building solidarity on an international level.

The delegates who attended came from public sector unions in their countries. They were from Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Retirees Answer the Call

July 23, 2014 - “You are, and we are, a value to the union!” Retirees Department Director Judy Beard said at the Retiree Conference on Saturday, July 19.

Retiree members from all over the country gathered at the conference to send a clear message to the union: they are active, mobilized, and ready to fight for the APWU.

New Workshops Reflect New Spirit

July 23, 2014 - The APWU Research and Education Department offered 22 pre-convention workshops on a range of informative topics, from legislative and political action to issues facing Postal SupportEmployees (PSEs) on Friday, July 18.

Delegates were excited about the workshop topics and were pleased with the opportunity to learn about important issues affecting postal workers.