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APWU Web News Article 219-2014

An Unexpected Finding:

Young People Love the Postal Service Best

11/25/2014 -

Few postal workers were surprised by a recent Gallup Poll that found that Americans rate the Postal Service highest among 13 government agencies – after all, the USPS routinely ranks at the top of such surveys.

But many people were surprised to learn that young people gave the Postal Service the highest rating: 81 percent of 18-29 year olds gave the USPS “excellent or good” marks. “The most curious finding in the poll is who likes USPS most,” the National Journal observed in an article about the survey.

APWU Web News Article 217-2014

911 Call Delayed Up to 50 Minutes; Employee Dies

APWU Demands Info on Emergency Procedures

11/24/2014 - Oakland California - Samuel Macasieb, operating a letter sorting machine

Director of Industrial Relations Tony D. McKinnon Sr. has asked the Postal Service to explain its protocols for providing emergency medical assistance after learning that a Bay Area postal employee lay dying for as much as 50 minutes before 911 was called. The incident, which occurred in August, came to light in November, when the local NBC television affiliate aired a detailed expose of situation. 

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert

Thank Social Security Hero Tom Harkin!

11/21/2014 -

November 21, 2014

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) is retiring after 40 years of dedicated public service, including the championing of policies and legislation benefiting Social Security and Medicare recipients and their families. One of those pieces of legislation was the Strengthening Social Security Act (S.567), designed to immediately increase current benefits by about $800 annually, improve Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) and ensure the program’s future to make retirement more secure for our children and grandchildren, too. To thank Sen. Harkin for his years of service - and pledge to support the Alliance in doing all you can to help secure his legacy with the reintroduction and passage of this important legislation in the 114th United States Congress - go to

APWU Web News Article 215-2014

Follow-Up Statement to APWU Members from President Mark Dimondstein

Re: New Revelations on USPS Cyber Security Breach

11/20/2014 - New revelations about the security breach in the Postal Service’s data systems are raising additional concerns about this very troubling incident. The APWU remains fully committed to protecting the rights of our members and demanding information from the USPS about what management knew and when they knew it.