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APWU Web News Article 089-2009

Station and Branch Closures, Five-Day Delivery:

Acts of Surrender, With the Battle’s Outcome in Doubt

07/31/2009 - Closing stations and branches and reducing mail delivery to five days per week “will unquestionably have a negative effect on the postal monopoly,” APWU President William Burrus told a House subcommittee at a hearing July 30. Such actions “will impede the Postal Service’s ability to compete” when the economy rebounds, he said. [full testimony]

APWU Web News Article 064-2009

Consolidation of Large Post Offices:

APWU Responds to USPS Notice on Retail Operations

06/09/2009 - In response to a USPS notice that “the Postal Service is considering consolidating operations in our larger stations and branches,” APWU President William Burrus has reminded management that a Memorandum of Understanding included in the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement requires that “all existing retail operations will remain within the installation of which they are a part.”

APWU Web News Article 121-2008

APWU Members in Florida Enlist Public's Support in Consolidation Fight

12/12/2008 - When the Postal Service announced a consolidation study in Manasota, FL, APWU’s Local 7136 swung into action without waiting for the first in “a series of community meetings” that the USPS said it would schedule.

Instead, the local launched its own effort to inform the public about the plan, and prompted the area’s largest city government to hold a special meeting. The local has also launched a special Web site (, at which local citizens can sign a petition to encourage the Postal Service to keep the 375-worker facility in full operation.

APWU Web News Article 112-2008

Bronx Consolidation Plan – Finally – ‘Not Approved’

11/24/2008 - Nearly three years after an Area Mail Processing study was launched, a plan to send mail from three major processing facilities in the Bronx to a sorting facility in Manhattan has been shelved. [USPS notice to APWU]

“The proposal to transfer the secondary processing activities from the Bronx [facilities] to the Morgan P&DC was not approved,” the Postal Service said in a news release Nov. 21. 

The Bronx AMP study, announced Dec. 15, 2005, proposed transferring “secondary processing activities from the Bronx P&DC” and two other facilities in the borough to the facility located in midtown Manhattan.

APWU Web News Article 116-2007

Spending Bill Includes Rider That Blocks 7 Consolidations

12/20/2007 - A provision attached to the appropriations bill awaiting President Bush’s signature would indefinitely postpone most of the Postal Service consolidation plans still awaiting implementation. 

The initial adjustment to the legislation came at the instigation of Rep. Jose Serrano (D-Bronx), who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government.