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APWU Web News Article 49-2008

Time Running Short For ‘Creativity Contest’ Entries

06/03/2008 - APWU members are reminded that entries for the union’s creativity contest for their children and grandchildren are due by June 30.

Sponsored by the American Postal Workers Union, the contest is designed to promote among our youth a better understanding of the vital role unions and the APWU play in our lives. Contestants are invited to submit an original work expressing this theme in one of the following formats:

  • Video/DVD movie of five minutes or less;
  • Song (recorded on CD) of five minutes or less;
  • Poem — 200 words or less;
  • PowerPoint presentation — 25 slides or less. 
APWU Web News Article 44-2008

‘Ask a Working Woman’ Survey

05/19/2008 - Working women understand the difficulties of balancing work and family, the pressure of making ends meet, and the challenges of getting ahead. 

That’s why the union urges APWU members to make their voices heard by taking part in the AFL-CIO’s 2008 Ask a Working Woman survey. The thought-provoking survey questions women about their jobs, their free time, and what would make their lives betters. 

APWU Web News Article 39-2008

Online Registration of Convention Delegates To Replace Paper Process

05/07/2008 - For the first time, APWU locals and state organizations will register delegates to the APWU National Convention online, through the union’s Web site, “This is another important step on the road to modernization,” said APWU Secretary-Treasurer Terry R. Stapleton. “Submitting paper credentials is a thing of the past.” 

To register delegates from their locals or state organizations, authorized officers must visit the Web site’s Members Only section, and select My Local and Personal Info, where they will be prompted to log-in and enter a password. (Log-in instructions are provided on the page.) Authorized officers are the president and the secretary, secretary-treasurer, or treasurer. 

APWU Web News Article 117-2007

Union Restructuring Committee Meets

12/21/2007 - The APWU restructuring committee, which met for the first time during the All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas, was addressed by President William Burrus during a teleconference meeting on Dec. 19. Burrus assured participants that he would not attempt to influence their deliberations, noting that the national union is not seeking to restructure. “This committee is the result of a local initiative,” he said.

The committee, chaired by Secretary-Treasurer Terry Stapleton, was mandated by a resolution adopted at the 2006 National Convention. Resolution #523, submitted by the Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union, required the union president to form a committee to review the union’s elected staff at the headquarters and field levels, and distribute its findings to locals at least four months prior to the start of the 2008 National Convention.

APWU Web News Article 94-2007

It's Official! Election Results Certified

10/11/2007 - Official results for the APWU election of national officers have been tabulated by American Arbitration Association and certified by the APWU Election Committee. They also will be published in the November/December edition of The American Postal Worker.

The results have been separated according to local, Secretary-Treasurer Terry Stapleton has announced. Offices that are not shown were uncontested.

APWU Web News Article 93-2007

Final, Unofficial Election Results

10/06/2007 - Ballots for the APWU election of national officers have been counted by the American Arbitration Association, under the supervision of the APWU Election Committee. Final, unofficial results are posted. 

Official results will be posted as soon as they are certified by the Election Committee, and will be published in the November/December edition of The American Postal Worker