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Truths About Privatizing Social Security

11/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the November/December 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

Social Security is a successful program that has served this country well. Yet some groups want to privatize the program by taking the payroll tax money that now goes into its trust funds and investing it in private accounts.

People earn the right to participate in Social Security by working and contributing. It was never intended to be an investment program. Unlike private retirement plans, its purpose is to provide guaranteed income to seniors, disabled citizens, survivors, and their families.

A Woman’s Place is in Her Union.

11/01/2015 -

New POWER Coordinators with Joyce Robinson:
Charlotte Hiatt, Linda Terry, Robinson, Betty James-Leaks,
Michelle Boulware, and Tracy Blakely.

(This article first appeared in the November/December 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

APWU members from across the country cheered the theme of the 17th Biennial Convention of POWER (Post Office Women for Equal Rights) in Atlanta in August: A Woman’s Place is in Her Union.

Walmart: Stop Charter School Fraud

09/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the September-October 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) 

Recently, there have been many headlines about waste, fraud, and abuse at charter schools across the country. School districts lack the resources to oversee charter schools, which has led to millions of dollars in misspent taxpayer funds.

Charter schools are big business. There are more than 6,000 schools that spend upward of $20 billion of taxpayers’ money per year, despite the fact that they demonstrate no significant academic gains for students.

A significant share of the blame lies at the feet of the Walton Family Foundation (WFF), which is run by the family that owns Walmart. The foundation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote charter schools and opposes regulation of charter schools.

Understanding Your Rights

05/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the May-June 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

Many employees accept unwarranted discipline, simply because they are unaware of their rights. Sometimes out of fear of losing their job, or being harassed by their supervisor, employees let things go and hope for the best. But things often get worse – and before they realize what’s happening, they’re in trouble.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you know your rights.

The Fight for Pay Equity

03/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the March-April 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) 

The Equal Pay Act, signed by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, made it illegal to pay men and women working the same job different salaries. Unfortunately, it did not close the wage gap.

When the act was passed, women were earning an average of 59 cents on the dollar compared to men. Today, while women hold nearly half of the jobs performing similar work, women earn about 78 cents for every dollar a man earns – a gap that results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages.

UNI Congress in Cape Town: 'Ubuntu'

03/01/2015 - (This article first appeared in the March-April 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

Two APWU officers – Retirees Director Judy Beard and Research & Education Director Joyce Robinson – attended UNI Global Union’s Fourth Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, in early December, which focused on the welfare of workers worldwide.
While learning about the struggles of workers around the globe, Beard and Robinson discussed the Stop Staples campaign and asked participants to boycott the more than 25 Staples locations outside of the U.S. They also discussed postal banking.

Arbitration Advocacy Training

02/05/2015 - The Research & Education Department offers comprehensive training to APWU activists on a wide array of topics, dedicated to providing union officers and stewards with the skills they need to enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement, motivate union members, and keep members informed about important issues and activities.

Is Walmart Destroying America?

10/14/2014 - Is Walmart ruining our country? That’s a question that most people never stop and ask. Most of us love shopping in big, clean stores that are packed with cheap merchandise, but the truth is that Walmart is destroying America in a lot of ways.

Walmart has destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses and countless manufacturing jobs over the past few decades. It has become a gigantic operation that sells five times more stuff than any other retailer in the United States. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the things sold at Walmart are made overseas. What that’s costing the U.S. economy in lost jobs and revenue is incalculable.